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. . . . October 8th, 2009 . . . .

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to send out a quick update. We are in waiting for the Lord's next step.

Two things have happened to lead us to believe God still wants us here in Washington. (At least till February 20th). The first is a place opened up for us in South Everett to house sit! So, from October 20th, we are moving out of our current house; and into our new apartment/condo where we will stay. The second that leads us to believe He isn't done with us here is he closed work at the tile store until March of 2009. The third "reason" to go back was because of my residency permit in Hungary; well; we found out that it is not in jeopardy; because my husband in here with me; and my kids are also dual citizens of Hungary. So, for a final confirmation that we are indeed supposed to be here; Bruno needs a solid job for the next 4 months. Please join with us in prayer! (We will also need a reliable vehicle to drive, as we are moving south about 10 miles.)

Today Bruno has a job interview at Oldcastle Glass here in Everett; and Friday he anticipates going to a testing/class or application to work as a corrections officer for the County of Snohomish. I want for us what the Lord wants... & how he will lead. Depending on the job he gets will help determine our next steps. Bruno is really interested in the Corrections Officer position... but the application process/testing will be rigorous; psyhological & polygraph testing will be required. So pray for His will. THANKS!

Our hearts are heavy; Bruno's grandfather passed away on Sunday of this week; our family in Hungary is missing him and searching for where to go next. Just pray that comfort will come; and the truth of Christ and the Gospel will be spoken and seen in their lives. Pray for Bruno as he can't be there and it must be hard.

God is faithful. I trust Him. I try to rest in Him; as I battle anxiety and fear and frustration. He has in many ways over these months shown Himself faithful; and I have a strong testimony at my work place; and I praise the Lord for bringing me there. I work hard; I work lots; and I have lots of responsibilities at work and at home. But, my strength comes from Him. He is real; and He is awesome! & I come with these requests; asking you to come alongside so your faith may be strengthened; and you can be a part of this journey.

Next week I hope to head to Montana; I'll visit Mary Kay; and others at the training center. If the Lord wills, pray that Bruno will still be free to come as well. He is willing to go. Pray that this part will encourage; build up; and just give real guidance.

Thanks so much & God Bless,
Sarah... for Bruno, Robi who's almost 4 (Oct. 21) & Benjamin (14 months)

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Thank You for praying! May God Bless you SO richly through His ministry!

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