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Sarah and Bruno Balogh

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International Messengers

. . . . March 17, 2008 . . . .

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners!

Greetings in the powerful name of Jesus! I have a challenge for you today! To keep us lifted up in prayer over the next six-eight weeks! Why? Because the Day of the Lord is near, and because it will be a critical time for our family and the ministry that we have been involved in! There is no better time to seek the Lord with your heart & mind.

Bruno & I are taking leaps of faith! We are heading to the states at the end of April. (April 24th to be exact). Our plans are to stay in Everett Washington for approximately six months. It is hard to make any change, hard to step into the unknown, and very hard when we just look with human eyes. Pray for God’s provision for us, (housing, jobs (Sarah has one confirmed, Bruno is still open, but has a possibility), car (we believe the Lord has provided this already—but waiting to see the story unfold, as the car is 3000 miles form Everett), and for Bruno’s immigration visa (appointment on March 31st!). The Lord provided the first $400, but we have around another $500+ dollar expense awaiting us for Bruno’s paperwork! We also believe that we will have furniture to borrow, but if you have any ideas, or extras, and the Lord is leading you to loan/give, just give us a call, or drop us an e-mail. Pray for Bruno I that we will have the courage to do this!

March 15th- Womans afternoon with Calvary Chapel, -- (It was a total blessing. I heard testimonies, and shared about what God has been teaching me by walking in faith!-- God's provision and how he is gently leading us-- also on the need to truly surrender to Him. Also, I shared about how God showed me how we need to obey Him when he calls, and how patient He is to keep pursuing us! (I used the example of walking with Robi-- constantly having to call him, prod him along, pull him to just walk with me. How we know how important it is to obey. One day while he had raced ahead on his bike, and kept telling him to stop and wait for me. God spoke to me... How many times do I need to tell you to wait , not run ahead, and to obey because I know what is best for you. To protect you, keep watch over you, and provide the best for you. A good lesson to be reminded of as we step forward in faith!) Also, take a look at our solution to walking together-- "hang on tight" pic. (In between: Packing, cleaning, entertaining dinner guests, preparing for quilting retreat spiritually, sewing some things for the drawing here in Kaposvar-- being a mom, getting ready for the big move, arranging car details ext.)

Upcoming events that need a prayer base:

After our arrival we hope to have a few days to get settled, and then we’ll start work. Pray for provision of the following:

Sarah, for our entire family; Benjamin 7 months, Robert 3 years, & Bruno...

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