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. . . . February 5th, 2008 . . . .

News From the Balogh Family

Time has been flying. I want to give you an update of the past few months, and things that God has done, and update you on our plans... and a few things that could use prayers!

December: Focus on Family & getting healthy! Sarah was sick for 3 weeks, and dealt with Bruno, Robi & Benji all taking their turns.

Christmas was very blessed as I got to host our first Christmas in our own home! Christmas Eve we had the privilege of Tilley from Poland being with us. We visited while I was baking and cooking, and we had a wonderful visit. Christmas day we welcomed my in laws with turkey, mashed potatoes, home made rolls, cookies, lefsa, and the works! In-laws came down and celebrated with 8 inches of snow outside on the ground. We went and walked down to the main square all lit up with lights and it was a great time. Bruno & I went to church and heard about making room for Jesus in our hearts through forgiving others. I was blessed to be able to translate for a co-missionary who was visiting from Poland.

We spent New Years together with Barb and the young people here in Kaposvár. Both Robi & Benji became really sick that night and the following day. The trials of sickness seemed never ending.

A Break in the Storm:

For a couple weeks in January we were mainly well. During this time, God gave me a hunger for Him and His word, a Hunger for others, and just a passion for His work. I started seeing answers to prayers, and a desire to just reach out to those around me and pray with them. I wanted God to do His work. Thursdays were spent in fellowship with Eszter, and Timi. Two young single gals whose lives right now aren't easy. Eszter's mom has been fighting cancer, and Timi can't seem to find work here and is very strained in living at home with her somewhat insane brother and parents who are also out of work. We prayed, and just listened, and opened up Gods word together. Thursday nights I teach 9 3-6 year old kids English for an hour. It is normally pretty wild, but a fun time and a change of pace.

God's Power and His plans: The mountaintop.

Last year I met with Linda Summer and The Agape Puppets team in Slovakia. I knew Linda from Covenant College in 96 & 97. We discussed her coming to Hungary in 2008, as she planned on coming to Word of Life in Hungary; we had talked of having them here at the beginning of their stay. In the beginning of January, after a phone call we both believed that it wasn't in Gods will for them to come down to Kaposvár; because Word of Life had planned their entire stay. To make a long story short- Word of Life had trouble finding shows, and after e-mails and phone calls and everything to Word of Life I found out that there were still two days opened where they couldn't get any shows scheduled. After much prayer and seeking the Lord, and many questions and plans that needed to be rearranged... God showed us His will. At the last minute-okay Wednesday at 4 p.m. I knew that Linda and the puppet team would be here on Friday! After quick phone calls to the church leader, arranging a place, sending out e-mails and trying to gather kids... and they arrived here in Kaposvár Friday at 2; for a 5 p.m. performance. What a blessing. We had it in the smaller room at the church; (easier to heat, and since I had no idea how many would come)- but the room was full! We had 65 plus in the room, you could hardly stand! It was an amazing time! God DID it all! This was one of those times it is amazing to serve!

The Valley

The following day, I took Robi & Benjamin up to Budapest for three purposes. Visit my in-laws, share a testimony, encourage a friend, and visit the puppet team. What happened? All of the above, but God had another plan... he provided for me to be around loving and helping hands while Robi went through chicken pox, and I got sick and dealt with congestion, fever, cough and the works. Robi had several days of really high fevers. Bruno even came up to Budapest and help us drive down to Kaposvár. This time God also dealt with me. My lack of contentment in fulfilling my role of mom, wife, and just fighting sin and selfishness that abounds. He showed me that His word has the answers, the directions and everything I need. He spoke to me through a couple of devotionals... and basically broke me again. The biggest thing is the pride within. I saw my actions as being enough, and I blamed and accused others of being in the wrong, or for my unhappiness. I realized something very scary at the time. Without Christ-Without His hope. Without HIS Word in my life-Without listening to the Spirit-without brokenness and surrender... then I can be a very negative instrument. I entertained sin in my heart, with the temptation to run away from everything that God has called me too. But, daily He is faithful to call me and I am seeking Him. He is good and faithful! He is worthy to be praised and worshiped!

Prayer Request!!!

This Thursday Bruno & I head up to the Embassy to apply for an immigration visa. This is so he can legally work in the U.S. for the 6 months that we plan to be there. We need your prayers for God's direction. These days are full here, and it is hard to imagine moving to the States, and it is hard to imagine where we will be for the future. But, Bruno & I are taking the steps of faith and going, believing it is the time. Travel dates are set for April 24th-October 24th. Please be in prayer for all the details on both sides of the world... our housing, car, work, etc.

Plans ahead are for Quilting Retreat March 28-29, Staff conference in Poland April 4-6th, 10 Year Anniversary of Quilting ministry in Kaposvár on the 19th of April-and pack up and travel by the 24th! Also, English lessons, and involvement in Saturdays with the youth, and ladies ministry and mom's ministry at the Baptist church! But, as God has been teaching me... first God, then family, then through this balance His work.

Thanks for your prayers, your support & all you do! We are humbled & blessed. Please keep your heart open to His prompting. Please know that you are a vital part of this work!

All Glory to God,

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