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. . . . April 28th, 2008 - Part 2 . . . .

Dear Friends and brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

I want to share with you HOW God has gone so much beyond my expectations since we have come home. First of all I want to share with you how hard it can be to step out in faith, question God, question His leading (second guessing ourselves, and God), and how easy it would be to remain where you are.

While in Hungary, I questioned so many times the How, why,... and now... ? We had so many good things, job, friends, ministry, an apartment, car, good things going. God opened the door, He showed us to start the immigration process. After the Embassy-- we said this is the first step in our step of faith! We purchased tickets, (in faith for God to provide)-- no apartment yet-- not wanting to live with family-- not wanting to rent or furnish an apartment (then where to Go??) Much confusion, and stress was on my shoulders. I struggled to give it to God.

Then, Faith! Trust! OBEY! God provided an apartment to rent to meet all my expectations!-- walking distance to work, yard (fenced in), one bedroom, and under $700 a month-- the Thursday before we left God showed us where to go. YEAH, assurance. Okay, next step: Pack up the house, say good-bye (for now)-- travel up to Budapest-- get on the plane-- and arrival. Yes, not as bad as I had thought. We went and saw the apartment, -- great place-- then the pieces started to come together. I went and bought a broom (sentimental for me-- settling in I guess), and I started to look around at prices and things at Walmart-- but then we left. Since then, we haven't stepped foot in a store.

Friday a gal called and said... I have stuff for you (missions committee member at the church)-- and we met her at the apartment. On the way home, stopped at a garage sale, and found an awesome vaccuumm cleaner... and a floor mat thing (for $20)-- Bruno came home, and cleaned it out! Boy was it dirty-- but a powerful awesome vaccuum). WOW. Okay. Sitting on the couch, wondering...hhhmm.... microwave-- okay... Phone rings. Check out Craigs List Free! I jokingly asked if he had seen a microwave... I started finding odds and ends, was tired of being online, and decided to "refresh"-- first thing on List! MICROWAVE! So, I called, went out and got a HUGE microwave that has a fan and ventilater--- for FREE! So cool. The gal who brought stuff told us about two major areas of garage sales-- off of 19th, in South Everett-- and Mukilteo, which was having their annual city wide Garage sale this weekend.

So, Saturday morning we found a "Free"-- BLUE LEATHER couch on Craigs list, and we were off garage saleling. I was concerned about a queen sized Mattress (2 bucks)-- kids bed ($10 cool car bed), high chair ($5), and a book shelf good quality -- cedar ($10)... and so on. Wow, we need a dresser Lord... where is the Dresser. WOW Lord, We need a truck! How are we going to get this stuff home! Odds and ends picked up around Mukilteo. Saturday-- a chance to borrow a smaller truck from a co-worker... okay. Sunday a.m... No, I am sorry; that won't work, we aren't insured drivers. Okay Lord, we need to wait on you... would you show us? Early Sunday morning Mom, Benji and I went around and pick up a hamper (free), suitcase, carseat, blue pillow, rubber duck, and odds and ends from curbs that people were throwing away, getting pans, a baking dish, and a grill, we headed to church with my parents in Edmonds. I called a couple people to find out about making announcements in my old church in Lake Stevens-- for transportation help-- then we went to church. A friend of ours said that we could borrow their truck-- but they couldn't help. We got the key. Okay... Wow, thanks Lord. (Hee Hee... he has something so much bigger and greater in MIND!).

We headed to Westminister Church (after going to Crosspoint)-- and just said Hi and shared with them that God had provided a truck-- then we are rushing around trying to figure out how,who, and where... get lunch together. I called the places where the couch, matrice (where we ended up buying a glider chair for $5)-- and book case-- and we headed home. Before getting out of the car, I got a call from Grant-- at our old church in Lake Stevens, that he had brought home this weekend a 14 foot big truck to take a load to the dump, and was wondering what he could use it for, and that he could help us move!!! A smaller pickup would have required many many trips - this truck held everything. When and where could we go! WOW!!!!!! Okay, getting stuff together, getting out the door. Mom stayed at home with the kids - she deserves special mention for this - they are still tired and jetlagged! We picked up, in one trip, and one delivery truck a couch, mattress, book shelves, a blue swivel rocker, two dressers (one given, one $10), a desk (also $10-- done from $25)-- standing lamp, kitchen table and four chairs (also given)... and moved it into our flat.

We had a celebration party at Mom and Dad's Sunday evening. God is so good!

This is how good God has been to us. I have been awake often in the wee hours of the morning. The Lord led me to get up and share with you the journey of faith. Oh, another thing-- concerns of mine-- knives (got them at garage sale-- free), clock (free), pans (free), ice cube trays (free). We have wanted to be wise with what we get-- and don't worry because we are heading back to the states-- God has provided all of this is such amazing ways that we couldn't turn it down. Oh, we also got a couple of bar stools there-- it is so overwhelming to me... to be on the end of having faith-- knowing and trusting God to somehow do it... and just seeing how He does it. I want to share with you, that these months before have also included some heart searching, confessing of sins, wanting to just trust and follow God completely.

I see the importance of obedience, of worship, and of just walking forward in faith even when you have no idea of how or when. I just around with human eyes-- and I thought-- How are we going to do this Lord. In two days-- HE DID It! If there is a need, have faith that God will provide it, and don't just head to the nearest store.

Rejoice with me! Thanks to all those who prayed, helped, and have given. There are still minor things-- and we would love to see you. Our address is: 2915 Federal Ave in Everett, phone for now is 425-343-6463. Pray for Bruno's work situation, and that we can figure out his drivers license stuff, and his social security number would come soon! Pray for Robi also, that he can adjust (he seems to talk Hungarian to my parents for some reason).

Prayer Concerns:

God Bless You,
Sarah, for Bruno, Robi, & Benjamin-- who are all doing great!

P.S. [added Tuesday, 4/29/2008] Monday we got the apartment organized, unpacked our suitcases, and spent our first night there. A TV/VCR/DVD was given to us by a friend. Other needs are trickling in. Evening meals this week are being provided for us by our friends at Westminster Presbyterian Church; the Deacons also gave us a very generous gift card for a local supermarket with which to stock up on food! God is so good!

P.S. [added Thursday, 5/8/2008] Sarah has started working at the Co-op and is enjoying it. Bruno has been doing odd work with friends - waiting for his Social Security number to come. The Lord provided the use of a car for six months as well!

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