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. . . . March 23rd, 2007 . . . .

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Jesus, March 23, 2007

Greetings from Hungary. Our family is doing okay and lots seems to be happening. I’d like to encourage you to not only read this letter and put it aside; but to read it and then bring these requests before the Lord, and take a greater part in the Lords work.

Today and tomorrow we can really use your prayers. In recent months, the patchwork group here in Kaposvar joined the National Quilting Guild here in Hungary. Tomorrow, Kaposvar is hosting a regional meeting from 9-5. Ildi Jofuldi is the regional director and organizer of our county; and sent out 70 invitations, anticipating at most 50 participants. She prayed to the Lord, and He is bringing 150 ladies! Before this event, if there was a regional meeting, only maximum 30-40 ladies showed up. Pray for us on Saturday, the 24th, since this is a guild meeting, there won’t be any testimonies, or open sharing of the gospel; maybe just through smaller discussions… but we will also be inviting these same ladies to our patchwork retreat weekend April 27th & 28th, where there will be testimonies, and the gospel will be preached! Pray as we prepare for all that the Lord wills to come. It seems this year we have an even greater interest than ever before! Please pray for wisdom for me as I humbly lead; for wisdom, courage and for boldness to share Jesus!

[For an update and a link to some pictures, see my March 28th Blog entry.]

The next month and half are busy.

On April 14th Bruno & I will attend a marriage conference in Budapest, and after that I will meet up with Ron & Verna.

On the 19th-23rd, Bruno, Robert & I will travel to Serbia for a quilting weekend, with possibly 6 hungarian ladies, and the team of 4 from the states!

The next weekend, the 27th & 28th we’ll have our spring quilting retreat here in Kaposvar! Please keep this on your prayer list.

On May 11th-13th, Ron & Verna will lead us in a discipleship retreat on “Contagious Faith”. About 15 of us will be meeting together for fellowship, and study. Pray for those who will attend!

Outside of these events, I teach English, translate at Calvary Chapel, and help Barb with our weekly meetings. Pray for the health of everyone; Robi, Bruno, the baby & I..

Family Update: I am now 20 weeks. The little one inside me is moving around and is doing okay. Just a fun note; when Bruno & Robi were wrestling a couple days ago, the baby started to move around and kick me too! It sensed the action around and wanted to take part! We still do not know if it is a boy or a girl, but hope for a healthy pregnancy, and delivery.

Robi is very active, learning to talk, sharp as a button, and in need of constant love, direction, and discipline. He is now 2 ˝ years old. I praise the Lord for giving me an easy going spirit with how active he is. On the play ground he seems to be fearless, and with less caution than most kids his age. But, he is a lot of fun to be around.

Bruno is doing well at his work. He enjoys working at the tile store. In his free time he enjoys fishing, working with fish tanks, and relaxing. He is preparing to take a language exam in May to finish his college degree in Business and Economics.

We have one more request.

In recent months my support level has dropped increasingly low. Bruno & I are seeking the Lord for His will and His provision, we are examining our hearts and beginning to work on areas that would hinder our ministry and our lives. Would you be willing to join our team and support us financially? A quick breakdown: $500 monthly salary, 13% overhead fees, $50 monthly support to the Hungarian foundation. As of February 30th, there was a $3000 deficit in our account. I am overwhelmed at this amount, but am reminded of all the times that the Lord has provided in the past, and He can provide now!

Send gifts to
International Messengers,
P.O. Box 618
Clear Lake, IA 50428-0618

Please make note that it is for the ministry of Sarah & Bruno Balogh, but please don’t write this on the check itself! God Bless. Any donation given to us through International Messengers is tax deductible.

Also I have a U.S. telephone number 425-367-4829! You can call me at any time, but please note that there is a 9 hour time difference from PST.

As I look back over the last 7 years, I am amazed at all God has done, and I await so much more! Thanks for your prayers and your support… they truly are a blessing and allow us to be here!

In Jesus,

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Thank You for praying! May God Bless you SO richly through His ministry!

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