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. . . . October 15th, 2006 . . . .

Dear Friends & Prayer Partners, October 15th, 2006

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is above all!

This Saturday, Robert will be two years old! I am amazed at how time has flown by, and all which God has done! I am growing each week in the Lord, and am often flustered and humbled by my flesh and the struggles that are around. Each day seems to have it's own battle, and victory.

A praise, that I am finally feel on top of the housework and more organized than I've been probably in my whole life. If you have known me, you can know that housework, cleaning and packing light are my downfalls. I am pleased to say, toys are being picked up; dishes are being washed, and everything is finding its place! It seems that this year is also getting things in order as far as ministry.

Tuesdays & Fridays I am doing English lessons for kids; Tuesday for "5 & 6 year" olds, and Friday for "1.5-3 year" olds! Last Friday I had 9 kids running around the Play House, trying to sing, read, and talk to them; and most of all, play with them. Tomorrow will be the first "5 & 6 year old" hour, what a blessing it will be to be able to converse and have them focus, and pay attention to me! God also seems to be opening up English time with the moms once a week. Several have learned English, but struggle to speak, so we will try to get a conversation group going and beginners practice time for the moms as well. This also will coincide with the "Play House" as the kids will be playing in one room and we'll be learning and talking in another!

Last year, I was introduced to this Play House run by a local Catholic church that is charismatic in form, and they are also really open to helping, loving, and reaching people! As for their exact doctrines of belief, I am not sure, but relationships are being built through this play house. Pray that I can be a light and open the doors for Jesus' love and the truth of Gods word to these people. Many more moms have been drawn to the Play House because of the English club, and it is a great support for moms. Each day, Monday-Friday it is open from 9-1, or 3-6 in the afternoons. It is two large rooms filled with toys, and stuff to learn with. Kids can come and play and interact, and the moms can visit and talk and have a change of scenery, and have encouragement at the same time. They have certain music programs or other things scheduled throughout the week, and I am also able to benefit from their services as well as be a blessing. Please pray that I can be a great light in the Play House, and that others will see Jesus through our lives.

I have a huge and prayer request. About 2-3 weeks ago, someone broke into our car, and destroyed the front dash and the ignition part. God protected the car in the fact that we still have it in our procession; something startled them from actually stealing it (when in fact they just needed to put two wires together and it would have been gone), but the cost to replace what they broke is more than what we feel the car is worth. (The Brakes are also bad, there is a major oil leak, a rotting away frame, the car is almost 20 years old). So, we are searching for another car, a newer one with fewer problems. Pray for God's provision for this, but more importantly for God to lead us to the car that He has planned for us. Currently we can use the car, (we push a button to start it… way easy to steal-but don't tell anyone okay,) but we looking for a station wagon so that we have more packing place, for all of the ministry and packing needs. Please also pray that we'd be able to sell the Mazda (mainly for parts I think). Pray our hearts would be open to what God wants, and not so stuck on a certain idea or price that is beyond what we need. It was three years ago that God provided us with the Mazda; it isn't beyond Him to provide for us now!

A new ministry opportunity has opened up for me to help with a kids club at the Baptist church two Saturdays a month. This group is for elementary/middle school aged kids, and involves Bible & English; and it is a continuation from their summer camp they had. I'll help with English and also being involved in games and helping some with singing along and encouragement. This also falls on the same Saturday as our patchwork group meets, and also on Saturday evenings I attend the Bible study at Barbs! So please remember to pray on Saturdays, as they are long, full days!

Our time and ministry with the Methodist church family continues. On every other Tuesday we attend the Pecsi Utca house group ministry among two gypsy families. They seem to be more open to praying aloud, praise God, and we just meet to bring encouragement and a message from the Word. After this time we often have a time with the pastor's family; we meet when we can to encourage them and also to love on them and be loved on. I am really thankful for them; and thankful that we are once again serving together. Sometimes I wash dishes, help the kids with English, help with cooking, or just listen and they just love Robi so much, that I feel they are like grandparents to him. I find it a blessing to be a blessing.

Thank you for your prayers, your support and all that you do! I find that I depend on your prayers so much! God uses His people to accomplish what He wills! And He is always faithful!

Prayer Requests in a nutshell (preferable chestnut since they are covering the ground!)

God Bless you richly as you seek Him,
Sarah, Bruno & Robert Balogh!

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Thank You for praying! May God Bless you SO richly through His ministry!

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