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. . . . October 15th, 2006 . . . .

Happy Holidays! December 12th, 2006

Christmas greetings to you from Hungary! I pray this letter finds you well. It has been a busy month with many blessings; and many attempted times of documenting everything; but better late than never!

The last time I wrote I shared that we were searching for a car; and indeed we found one! And, on November 14th, we become the owners of a 1997 Opel Vectra, 2000 cubic cm’s, diesel engine car. It drives wonderfully and the interior of the car is in amazing condition! But, it has had it’s little catches and things that have needed to be repaired. We didn’t have the car for more than 30 minutes when the handle to close the door came undone; and we also discovered the all 4 coils to heat the engine needed to be changed… and little lights here and there go off for no reason. But, I trust and pray that it is a blessing and a tool for the Lord. The great news is, I was able to pick up my co-worker Barb at the airport and see my in-laws and help there for a bit. She has injured her wrist from all the work, and tried to heal it over a month; but they couldn’t figure out the problem with it… and so she is back to work. Pray for her arm to be healed.

How was your Thanksgiving Holiday? Here in Kaposvar, Barb & I served over 70 people thanksgiving dinner over a period of 3 events. On thanksgiving, I cooked, and she brought pies, and we had a total of 27 there. The food and fellowship was wonderful, and we made a garland of praise. (Leaves that were cut out, and we wrote why we were thankful). Also, during that week, I went out to a campers school to share about Thanksgiving, and we played games, and I shared about the first thanksgiving, and why it is important to be thankful. The 20+ students seemed to enjoy it, and my friend Eszter said it was her best time at the school this year. On Saturday I brought the pies while Barb prepared the dinners for lunch and dinner with two different groups. What a wonderful time for reaching out and sharing with friends! I was very thankful because my friend Susan came and helped on that Thursday to prepare everything! What delicious smells ranged from this house! Also, over the week, I made a total of 7 pies! Made a real squash and everything! I am truly thankful to God I could cook and bake and share in this holiday.

Meanwhile I have taken on an English student, Ingrid. She has a two year old son, Keve; and so twice a week Robi & I go to her house to try to help her prepare for an English exam. Pray that I can really help her learn English, and build the relationship with her at the same time. She must take the exam in March for her to get her diploma. Can you pray for her and I, and also for our kids to get along really good so that we can focus and learn? Thanks! Also, on Tuesdays and Fridays I’ve been at the Play House helping with English. I am excited still about Fridays, but like this afternoon (Tuesday), Robi has been sick for a week, and is still sleeping,) the weather is dark really fast, and we there are so many different ages and kids, and kids who aren’t interested in English, and others who are interested, but just can’t go… it’s really tough for me to go and be there.

I am praying about whether God wants me to postpone or somehow change or cancel this meeting. Soon we’ll have a break in the time, and then I’ll hopefully meet with Monika to re-evaluate. In the meantime, I am trying to get Robi healthy. He has his cough and stuffy nose again like last year.

But, one good thing is, from this Tuesday afternoon meetings, I have a 4 year old boy and his mom coming to my house on Mondays for English play time. It is quieter, and a better opportunity for me to really speak with this boy, Kalman for about an hour.

We are also going out on Tuesday nights again to Pecsi utca for the house group. Tonight we head out and hopefully share some Christmas greetings and good news with the family. Pray for courage for me and just wisdom as a mom, and for Jesus’ love to be seen through us and in us. But, also, for me to be wise with Robi’s cold; it’s a question of whether to go out or not.

Another recent development is that I am the “official” translator for our Calvary chapel meetings from Hungarian into English. Jeremy Ampe, who was the associate pastor and translator has moved back to the states for several months, and there are two American families who are fairly new to Hungary and the language… and so I translate for them for the sermons and the Bible studies. I’d like to encourage this church, but honestly don’t know what the will of the Lord is. We don’t seem to be growing, and there seems to be a spirit of maybe indifference. It is hard to describe. But, over the holidays I’ll also have the change to translate into Hungarian for the kids. Pray for just a real clear ability to speak. I receive many compliments all the time, but sometimes I just am so stressed about the language, or the proper wording and everything… but the goal is to grow in knowledge and to stay humble And give thanks always for how much I can speak!

Since I last wrote I have also started to exercise with a friend a few days a week at a gym here in Kaposvar. This has opened up the door to be involved in a weight training school, and I’ll teach the terms in English related to weight training! Please pray for me as I prepare and have more opportunity to build relationships at the gym. I am often asked why I am here, pray that I can share with them about Jesus as we exercise away! But it has so far been a very rewarding time!

Bruno is still working at Roberto tile store. He enjoys the work, and it is a huge blessing to our family that he can work there. If he has a day off, then they seem to always call him and ask him about this or that order. Last Sunday, we went out with an elderly man to his house to fix his shower cabinet to the Balaton, a Lake about an hour away. What a blessing it was to go. He is 85, and he was a lawyer in his days, and was even in the concentration camp at one point. He seemed to be a religious man; he attends the reformed church here in Kaposvar. BUT, the amazing thing was, that on the way home, I really felt strongly that we needed to share with him about Jesus. The opportunity for me to tell Bruno to share wasn’t opening up, and then we were stopped by a train. I told Bruno we needed to tell him about Jesus, that He came to die for us; and if we accept Him into our hearts than we know we can have eternal life! Bruno shared about His testimony, and about what God’s word says about Heaven and Hell, and about Jesus. It was so cool! As we dropped him off, Bruno shared that the last time he felt the urgency on his heart to share with him, but he didn’t. This time, I was also used to urge on the sharing of His word! Please pray for this man and His true salvation! I just know that I hope to see this man in Heaven. So lovely, and so caring!

Robert is now 26 months. He is into everything, and his vocabulary is increasing each day. It is so wonderful to be able to hear him say real words that we understand. He is also at a challenging 2 year old stage; and he can just throw himself onto the ground if he doesn’t get his way. Thank you for praying for us and our parenting skills. Sometimes parenting issues clash in culture and we just raise him different… but most of all we want to raise Robi in love and grace, and discipline…

Well, for Christmas we will be in Kaposvar this year. Next week we will take off some time to go and spend with In-laws in Budapest, to celebrate “Christmas”.

Oh, new news! We are going to get (Lord willing) a vonage telephone! This means that I will have an Everett telephone number and you can call me at reach me with the cost of what a states number would cost! The number is: 425-367-4829!!! BUT, it was sent in the mail, and was supposed to arrive in 4-10 days, and we are on day 11, and still no sign of the box. Pray it arrives soon so that we can call you and catch up with you personally over the phone! If you call, just remember we are 9 hours ahead of Pacific time!

We are also still behind in support! Any and all donations are tax deductible and are greatly appreciated. Please send gifts to International Messengers, P.O. Box 618, Clear Lake, IA. 50428. Add on a separate paper that it is for the ministry of Sarah & Bruno Balogh!

Thanks & God Bless! Merry Christmas and Happy New YEAR! We’ll be in touch!

God Bless you richly as you seek Him,
Sarah, Bruno & Robert Balogh!

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