Eldrbarry's Active Games: CHAIN and RELAYS List

KEY: (Activity Level - low, +high, Area Needed - Small Medium Large)

CHAIN - HANG ON GAMES Chain games are played with players placing hands on the hips of others and hanging on.

RATTLERS: (+,L) Form players in two or three lines of 8-10 each, hands on hips of person ahead. Stress snakes must not "run" and must remain "intact". First and last in line are the "Head" and "Rattle". Object for heads to capture by tagging rattles. Goal is to become the longest snake in 5 or 10 timed minutes. Tactics such as coiling are allowed if correctly moved into. A variation is to have the snakes "shed skin"

LOOSE CABOOSE: (+,L) Set boundaries and form trains of 4-5 people (at least 3). Switcher tries to tag loose caboose before it can hitch onto a train. If tagged caboose becomes switcher, if not, engine of "hitched" train becomes new loose caboose.


Relays work well when other games may not. They can be quickly set up, and on a spur of the moment. Simple relays involve a flag carried around a marker and passed to the next in line, with one to three equal lines of players. But these can become more complicated and made more challenging and interesting. If players are tired, go for simpler, if full of energy get creative. Actually in a relay, only one is running at a time, the others while excitedly cheering their man on are actually resting. Often times, relays are good time filler at the end of a session. Here are some ideas, you can come up with many more:

Multiple persons racing units are possible too:

Some of the above games were found in The New Games Book, & More New Games, ed. Flugelman and Tembeck, and New Games for the Whole Family by Dale N. LeFevre (New Games Foundation) and some are from The Outrageous Outdoor Game Book by Bob Gregson (Fearon Teaching Aids)

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