Eldrbarry's Game Closet Part 3:
Current Favorites and the Euro Games Revival

There are quite a variety of other play mechanics of the new "Euro" board games such as :

European Designer Board Games and the Revival of Board Gaming

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More Current Games Publishers
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Wikipedia (which has many pages on board games, standard playing card games and dedicated deck dard games and collectable card games) and Board Game Geek, in particular, has a lot of useful information regarding various games. Pagat has rules for lots of Card Games, including many invented games, and The Game Cabinet has archived the rules for a lot of the older games as well. Another source of rules is Master's Games Traditional Rules. In the sections that follow on this page, I have hyper linked some of these and other information concerning the many games in our closet. The links below include links to Funagain Games - which carries a lot of games at very good prices, as well as (Wiki)pedia and Board Game (Geek) pages on the various games.

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