Barry McWilliams' Mission to Uganda:
Prayer Letter February 15th, 2003

A Short Term Trip to Uganda - March 2003

Dear friends and fellow Prayer warriors,

Most of you know that my Mission Trip to Uganda was postponed from January to March 2003. I will be going with John Pickett and a team from University Presbyterian Church of Las Cruces, NM. We also have going along a Navigators' pastor, Don MacDonald, and three laymen -- one from John's church and two from Don's, and a married couple from John's Church who will be working at Kinkizi installing all the equipment UPres shipped over in a container for the school there. The flight tickets have been bought and a trip itinerary has been put together. Time to depart is just two weeks away and I have a lot to do to get ready!

We will be doing 3-4 conferences for Ugandan pastors and believers, as well as much preaching and evangelism beginning the morning we arrive jet lagged from two days of travel and will continue without a day off for the entire 18 days. I have my stuff together and am beginning to pack everything for life on the move. We will be ministering in four different locations in Uganda. I can take along two checked bags of 50 lbs - and I hope one of them will be filled with Benevolent Gifts. Some of that will be some good theological books for a couple of Ugandan pastors there - many don't even have a concordance to use. Our ministry is primarily aimed at strengthening the leaders of the Ugandan Church.

Financial support is still needed - I have been asked to raise $500 more on top of the original goal of $3,500 support needed and with the $1,400 that has come in since 2/15, I'm within $500 of that new goal with my departure less than two weeks away. I know everybody is feeling the pinch right now, my own household as well. My basic trip costs are covered so every dollar added to my support now will go to the needs of the ministry itself - for Ugandan pastors to allow them to participate in the events we conduct, or providing the means to organize rallies and evangelistic endeavors. If you would like to give to the work, an address follows below. My thanks to all those who have given support already!!

Besides gathering my gear together and packing, I am also preparing for the conference talks - a challenge since you don't really know what you will be teaching on till you get there and then there is no to time to prepare - but I have some topics, I am working on notebooks of resource material on Stewardship (I will try to put this online when I get back); and Leadership (Moses); and Walking in Christ; and a variety of sermon notes and other stuff. Please pray for me to be disciplined and use my time and energy wisely.

I have been to Uganda once before, but Uganda is still a bit scary to me. Not simply because of the multitude of tropical diseases to avoid, the strangeness of the culture, the poverty, the news of missionary murders, or of rebel activities and banditry. With impending international conflicts lurking, I am not sure how they will affect the work we want to do and travel to and from. But more so because I sensed before how intense the spiritual battles are there - there is revival there - but also satanic opposition. Islam, witchcraft, extreme "Christian" cults are just as actively competing for souls as is the true church. I do covet your daily prayers while I am "in country" in March.

Barry McWilliams (
1609 Lombard Ave, Everett, Wa., 98201 (425) 252-2687

Of course, I have put together a web site for my trip at: There are links there to other pages including a Prayer Needs page, a Response form, a whole page of links on Uganda, as well as a printable bulletin insert on ACTI, an article on Are Short Term Missions worth the Cost?, and a useful booklet on How to Pray for Missionaries.

If you are willing to pray: do please e-mail me so I can put you on my list. I have a hotmail address just in case I have access to the internet for updates from the field. I have a page with our itinerary and prayer needs.

If you, or your church can help with financial support, please send your donations to:
University Presbyterian Church, 2010 Wisconsin Ave., Las Cruces, NM 88001
Please designate them for Barry McWilliams' Uganda Mission trip.

Or send your donations written to:
ACTI, c/o Tom Graham, 1612 -- 4th. Suite #200, Marysville, Wa., 98270
designated for Barry's January 2003 Mission trip. He will forward them to University Presbyterian Church in Las Cruces. Even if we are already in Uganda, your contributions are needed and are tax deductible, of course.

If you haven't already, I really hope you will join me in this ministry opportunity.

Barry McWilliams (

1609 Lombard Ave, Everett, Wa., 98201 (425) 252-2687

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