Summer Family Connection 1999
Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church

Wanted! Children after God's Own Heart! Teacher's Guide:

The class time will be a period between 20 - 50 minutes long when the children gather in age groups. At Chapel Hill's VBS, the teachers will have about 30 minutes. Classes are: Circle K's (Kindergarten - Ages 4 -5); Lazy J's (Grades 1-3 - Ages 6-8) and Bar H's (Grades 4-6 - Ages 9-12).

Handouts (underdevelopment) are Issues of The Cowtown News. In frontier newspaper form, the front page has "stories" about the events in the Melodrama, and the daily memory verse. Back sides are available for your own classes' specific materials.

The Objectives of the Class times are:

1. To connect with the children's "needs" in regard to each day's "troubles". Among the many "troubles" we will seek to identify feelings and needs related to Fears (Day 1); Jealousy (Day 2); Uncertainty (Day 3); Anger and revenge (Day 4) and Discouragement (Day 5). This may be done with an activity, or perhaps by recalling an experience in the teacher's (or the teacher's children's) childhood where similar feelings and needs became tangible. While we experience these at any age, younger children may not be able to express or put such in words, but the teacher should try to draw them out into expressing the needs in their own lives and friendships.

2. To present in simple form the Daily Bible story, appropriate to the age of the class. While telling the story with an open Bible, so the children know it is a Bible story; don't just read it. Narrate it simply, highlighting the feelings of the characters, the troubles and problems they experienced, and the deliverance God provided. The stories will require simplifying especially for the younger children. Aids such as pictures may be used.

3. To focus briefly on the memory verse for the day.

4. To do an exercise or activity that applying the Biblical qualities that meet these needs to the lives of the children, and any individual needs they have brought up in connecting with their troubles. The qualities are: Courage (Day 1), Loyalty (Day 2); Trust in God's Word (Day 3); Mercy (Day 4) and God's Faithfulness - Salvation (Day 5).

To prepare for teaching; each teacher should become familiar with the stories of David's conflicts with Saul contained in 1 Samuel 15 - 31. (See my Interpretive Outline of 1 Samuel 9 - 2 Samuel 5 for more help in developing these Bible stories.) I get frequent requests for written Bible stories and lessons, but I think the teachers will profit greatly from developing their own tailored to their particular classes and age groups. Reading David's Psalms, which were written during these experiences, will also help the teacher comprehend his sense of troubles and God's provisions for his children both in and in overcoming them.

A helpful reference book is
David : Seeking God Faithfully (Men of Character Series) by Gene Getz,
(Broadman & Holman Publishers, August 1995) ISBN: 0805461647
When Your Feel Like a Failure Take a Lesson from David by Gene Getz
(OP - Gospel Light Publications, June 1978) ISBN: 0830706313

An Adult study group would find Gene Getz' book on David a good Bible Study. You might consider having a study group for staff and teachers before the VBS starts, or having an Adult or Teen class during an Evening VBS program.

The Life of David by A. W. Pink - ISDN 0801070619 - is avilable through Christian Book Distributors - Stock no. 70619. and now in an online e-text as well.

The David Story : A Translation With Commentary of 1 and 2 Samuel by Robert Alter (W W Norton & Co; 1999) ISBN: 0393048039

Some more thoughts on preparing lesson worksheets for Wanted!

Some Brainstorming "starters" - it is after all your lesson!!

Psalm 34:19 A righteous man may have many troubles but the Lord delivers him from them all.

  • Day 1- The Big Bad Man! ... Trouble: Fears ... Virtue: Courage ... Memory Verse: Psalm 34:4

  • Day 2- Pards!... Trouble: Jealousies ... Virtue: Loyalty (friendship) ... Memory Verse: Psalm 34:8

  • Day 3- Hideouts! ... Trouble: Uncertainties ... Virtue: Trust ... Memory Verse: Psalm 34:10

  • Day 4- High Noon! ... Trouble: Desire for Revenge ... Virtue: Mercy (forgiveness, turning the other cheek) ... Memory Verse: Psalm 34:13,14

    Day 5- Where's the Cavalry?... Trouble: Discouragement and mistakes ... Virtue: Looking for God's Deliverance ... Memory Verse: Psalm 34:18

    You might find some more practical help for preparation in my CE Teaching Manual: - especially in My Effective Story Telling Manual; my article: Choosing Story Teaching Methods, and Discerning the Story Structures of the Narrative Literature of the Bible.

    Please contribute your ideas to me, so I can share them with others!

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