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Wanted! Children after God's Own Heart! Cowboy Games Suppliment

Games from Eldrbarry's Group Games Pages:

Quick Draw - Steal the Bacon - Echoes
Broken Spoke (Variation of DDG) - No Lose Hot Potato - Manhunt (Cat & Mouse) - Cave-In (Mouse Trap)
Rattlers (Catch the Dragon's Tail) - Loose Caboose - Relays
Deer Hunt - Elk Hunt - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Indian Buffalo Hunt (Pheasant Hunt: Go Tag)
Rain - Mountain Breezes - Miner, Miner; Forty Niner; Fool's Gold (Zip Zap, Pop) - Bird's Nest - Exploring - Lost in the Woods (Tanglewood)

You are most welcome to print out and use my Gamedex pages.

Some other Games Ideas:

Bull Dogging

Have four or more 8' lengths of rope or clothesline. Arrange children around edges of the Rodeo Arena (playing area). A number (equal to number of ropes) of children are designated as Bulls - they each grasp a rope by one end (no wrapping around their hands) and drag it around the Arena. An equal number of children are designated as Cowboys. They try to Bulldoggy the Bulls by stepping on the ropes - if it is pulled out of the bulls hand, the Cowboy becomes a Bull and the Bull tags and takes the place of a bystander, who become a new Cowboy. The game could be played with the players divided into teams, with objectives being either to catch the most bulls (each team would have a Bull Pen) or be the first team to Cowboy all its players.

Cattle Drive

Form up the children into Cows [two children, one the head (hand forming horns) and one the rear, hands on other child's hips] (Cows must walk unless it's a Stampede) and cowboys one hand on hip, the other twirling a pretend rope - (cowboys must skip). There should be at least three or four times as many cows as Cowboys. When a cowboy rides along side a cow and says "Gitalong little doggie" the cow must move with the cowboy, and becomes part of the herd (which stays together unless there is a stampede - first cow becomes the leader). "Whoa Doggies" stops a herd's movement. Cowboys try to gather herds and drive them to Dodge. Cows just try to "wander and eat grass". Cowboys can and probably should work together.

Options: Some Game Leader's calls (to make things harder):


Let's see, you could have the children sit on the floor. They begin by holding the reins with their hands and walking the horse. (Hold hands in front and sway forward and back slightly.) They could twirl a rope with one hand. Then they could wave their hat with the other hand. Say "Giddiup" to get horse to go faster. They could call out, "Yipee!" You could ride faster (do all actions faster) and then slower, then say "Whoa" and put the horse to a stop. Put on its feed bag and let it rest while you listen to another story. (Make sure there is enough space between children before you start this game or practice a controlled twirl and wave of the hat in a small amount of space.)

Golden Spike (I've been working on the Railroad)

A large grassy or carpeted area is needed. Divide children into two teams. They must construct a railroad connection to Promentory Point in the middle of the area, starting from their side of the room. The children become the tracks. One child lays down with feet and arms extended and together. The next child crawls over the first and with the first child holding his feet extends the tracks further, etc. However each railroad must have two "curves", a "trestle" (child on elbows and knees), and a "switch back" (three children forming a "Z" in their "track plan" before connecting to Promentory point. Once the two tracks have joined, then the children "ride the rails" to promentory, beginning with the first one down, till everyone has completed the journey to "drive the golden spike."

Rodeo Relays

Pony Express - relaying the mail from station to station. with perhaps so obstacles like Flash floods, Indians, etc. A more strenuous variation would be to carry a small child from point to point to point, changing mounts without touching the ground in Pony Express tradition.

Relay Barrel Race: (following the route of a Rodeo Barrel race: Rider circles left barrel, then right barrel, then the far barrel, then races home)

See my notes on the play parties as well - they are good group activities - singing western dance games.

Some titles begging to become games: Send me what you come up with!

Bronco Busting - Longhorns - Buffalo - Wagon Train (following a leader) - Fool's Gold - I See by Your Outfit that You are a Cowboy (some kind of copycatting) - Holdup (using gestures) - The OK Corral (some kind of shootout) - Clementine (seeking, lost and found) - Gamblers (involving some kind of bluffing) - Timm-ber! (falling down) - Skip to My Lou (using the song as a chant) - Marshal Dillion (It must come to the rescue when called)- F Troop (fumbling and confusion)

Other Games Links and Resources both Online and Published

Please contribute your Cowboy Games ideas to me!

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