Summer Family Connection 1999
Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church

Country and Folk dancing: Country Dance Resources. . .

Basic Steps:

These Steps (calls) are basic to all traditional Square, Contra and Circle Dances. Music was in 2/4 or 6/8 time, the old reels and jigs, such as Turkey in the Straw, Cripple Creek, Pop Goes the Weasel, or Arkansas Traveller played by piano and/or fiddler provided the music and beat.

Definitions of formations:

In New England Contra dancing and the Reels: In Circle Dances

Some links on Western Dance

Western Dance Clip Art

A Sample Program I once used --- or at least attempted.

The Grand March : A traditional way of starting a country dance. All you have to do to join in the fun is march and follow the leader.

Silician Circle This circle dance will teach us some of the basic movements of country dancing.

Bingo : This children's circle "play party" is based on an old English-Welsh song.

Texas Star The Squares were derived from the French Quadrille, but took on the free and easy flavor of the pioneer West. This one forms a pattern.

Bow Belinda: A Contra or Reel for the children.

Take a Little Peek This "visiting couples" square gives couples plenty of peeking and practice swinging.

Soldier's Joy A New England Contra using a classic reel tune.

Sham-pain Schottische for fun Couples, Threesomes, four or five... This simple folk dance was popular with our immigrant fore-bears. Step, step, step, step-hop...

Form an Arch This square uses the head and side couples.

Final March : Sing along in this stately march to John Newton's great hymn... Amazing Grace.

Traditional last Waltz for couples only

Calls for the above:

Silician Circle: Forward and Back; Circle four; Ladies chain; Chain back; Right & Left Thr & back; Forward and back; Pass Thr to next couple

Bingo : Circle left; Promande Rgt; Grand Rght & Left: B I N G O : New Partner: Whirl Repeats

Texas Star: Ladies Forward & Back; Gents Rght Hand Star; Left Star back; Pass partner pick up next; Gents swing out-Ladies in; Break and Swing; Promnade

Bow Belinda: HL & FG 4 forward & back; HG & FL same; Same order Rght hand around; Same Left hand around; Both hands; Do-Si-Do; Join hands partners- Promnade;

Take a Little Peek: First Cpl to right (2); Peek (at each other around the other couple); couple 1 swing in cntr; peek again; 1 & 2 swing; then couple 1 repeats above with couple 3 & then 4; Then 2, 3 & 4 each repeat the entire figure.

Soldier's Joy: Odd's Cross over; Swing the one below; Ladies chain; four hands around; all forward and back; Down Outside; Down the Center; Cast off

Form an Arch: Head two Forward & Back; Forward two couples form an "Arch"; Side Ladies Sashay thr; All Swing person facing; Promnde to Gents home; Repeat; Then repeat entire with Side Two couples.

Final March : Sing along in this stately march to John Newton's great hymn... Amazing Grace. Traditional last Waltz for couples only Sham-pain Schottische: (Waist-shoulder); 1. Left, Right, Left, Swing; Rght, Left, Rght, Swing; (Face) Left,hop, rght,hop, Repeat (Rotate M's Rgt) 2. Left, Rght, Left, Swing; Rght, Left, Rght, Swing; (Separately rotating opp) 3. Left, Rght, Left, Swing; (Turn) Rock forward, back; rpt Start over

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