God's People and Me! Lesson Two

A Vacation Bible School Curriculum by Barry McWilliams
An ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America

Daily Theme: God's people meet to praise Him..


The Christians who wouldn't shut up - a story from: Acts 3:1-4:31

Object Lesson: Acts 2:42, 44, 46 - The importance of regularly gathering and worshipping with other Christians.

Teaching method: Flannelgraph

The Christians who wouldn't Shut up!

The healing, Peter and John's arrest and trial:
Visualize Acts 3:1-10. Describe the events in your own words, adding appropriate emphases and contrasts. (The man had been crippled for 40 years. He was begging. Asked for money, Peter gave him power to walk in Jesus' name. The beggar began to leap and run through the crowd praising God.

If you are able do some research on the Temple and the Beautiful gate and Solomon's Colonade.

What impact did the healing have upon the crowd and the community? Acts 3:9,10; 4:4.

Who were a part of the Sanhedrin? Acts 4:5-6 Had these people had any previous contact with Jesus, and what may have motivated their opposition to the Gospel? Cf vs. 4:2, 17.

What impact did the healing and Peter's message have upon the Sanhedrin? What did they decide to do and why? Acts 4:13-17; 21-22.

What was the impact of first the healing and then the subsequent arrest on the church? What moved them to praise? Did they see opposition as fulfilment of prophecy? What did they ask God for? Acts 4:24-30.

The Preaching of the Apostles:

The expression "the name of Jesus" occurs in several places in this passage: Acts 3:8; 16; 4:10-12; 17,18; 30. What is the significance and power of that name? You will want to use the phrase in your story at key points.

Read Peter's sermon Acts 3:12-20.

What main points did he make?

Write a 1 paragraph condensed version of Peter's Sermon in simple words that your children will understand.

Read Peter's address to the Sanhedrin: Acts 4:8-12

What main points did he make?

Write a 1 paragraph condensed version of Peter's defense in simple words that your children will understand.

In both of these messages Peter calls for repentence and faith in Jesus? Why? In what sense are we responsible for the death of Jesus? Consider how you present this as a call to your children to be saved.

The Praise and Courage of the Church:

Read the prayer of praise asking for boldness in Acts 4:24-30

Write a brief and simple summary of the prayer. What elements of Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving or Supplication do you find in it? Based on this prayer, Do you think that many believers were frightened or shaken by the growing persecution? What effect did these threats and beatings have upon the Apostles? Acts 4:23,24; 31; 33; 5:41-42. When Stephen was killed? Acts 8:1-4.

Make a list of ways your children might encounter opposition for going to Church or believing in Jesus. What are some prices they may have to pay?

In Acts 5: 12-42 there was another arrest and trial. Gamaliel warned them that "You can't fight God". In Acts 12 Peter is arrested and miraculously delivered. What are some ways God defends and fights for his people?

Compare the two messages of Peter and the prayer!

Note Peter's references to the opposition to Jesus, resulting in his death and God's demonstration through Jesus' resurrection that it is in his name alone that Salvation comes and his call to repentence.

What encouragements did they find to keep them faithfully worship and serving God in the face of mounting opposition?

List some encouragements you could suggest to a child who is experiencing ridicule or opposition to his or her worshipping and praising Jesus.

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