Turning to Jesus!

A Vacation Bible School Curriculum by Barry McWilliams
an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America
Using the New International Bible

Graphics Resources for Turning to Jesus!

Thumbnails of graphics materials for Stories 1 and 2 are pictured below. Clicking on the pictures will load a larger GIF file of the drawing. It is suggested you print these out and enlarge them with a photocopier to the right size, or using a graphics program enlarging the drawings and printing them. Then they can be colored and for flannelgraph figures, flocked paper (available through Christian bookstores, supply houses or Child Evangelism, Inc) glued to the backsides will make them stick to the flannelboard. The larger GIF files are all in portrait position, while the thumbnails are right sides up. Another way you may want to use these is as overhead overlays, or for handout coloring pages. My thanks to Bekalyn Stigers of Mission Church Fellowship for developing these figures. She put a lot of work into doing them.

Stories 3 and 4 require no graphic aids. Story 5 uses a Human puppet (Muppet), though another staff person could play the role of Richie Rich.

For Lesson One - a Pictures in Sequence Story, the following are needed:

Simon mending nets
while listening to Jesus teach

Simon remembering
how Andrew introduced him
to Jesus

Simon thinking about
James and John, his friends

Simon thinking about
Jesus' call
to follow Him.

Simon being told
to go fishing - "what does Jesus know?".

Jesus gives Peter
a miraculous catch
of fishes.

For the Stick Puppets Option:

(Figures needed (each mounted on a popcycle stick): Jesus, Simon, Andrew, James and John; catch of fish (goldfish crackers?)), boat "holder" (loops on back to hold sticks), a small net; Perhaps a background picture of people on shore, viewed from the boat.

Lesson Two is a Flannelgraph story requiring the following figures:
Figures Needed:

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