Turning to Jesus!

A Vacation Bible School Curriculum by Barry McWilliams
an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America

Curriculum Overview

Overall Theme: When I follow Jesus, I must turn away from sin.

Today an "easy believism" is often taught, but "repentence" is neglected. The objective of this curriculum is to present the concepts of "faith" and "repentence" as Jesus taught them, using the Gospel of Mark and Jesus' Galilean ministry as our source. Teachers will benefit with a better understanding of the four Gospels and Jesus' earthly ministry.


  1. Faith is believing and following Jesus
  2. Faith in Jesus brings forgiveness for our sins
  3. Faith is Trusting and obeying Jesus rather than what we see.
  4. Faith is Believing in Jesus' power to save
  5. Faith is Holding fast to Jesus whatever the cost to us.

Bible Lessons

The Lessons and Stories: