My King of Kings! Story Three

A Vacation Bible School Curriculum by Barry McWilliams
an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America

Daily Theme: God will bring the proud and mighty to humble repentance.

Bible Lesson: Daniel 4: How God brought a proud man to repentance.

[Teaching method: Hand Puppets]

Summary: The story of the humbling and repentance of the World's greatest king by God. The builder of the glories of Babylon, filled with pride [the essence of sin, which God must break one way or another] has a bad dream which comes true resulting in 7 years of madness, and is finally humbled into acknowledging the true God.


"Neb", the " king of the moo-sical cows" is a very conceited, boasting cow who thinks he can become President. "Neb" is a cow puppet with a working mouth and wearing a little crown. You will needed a "cow" voice, lots of emphasis on "moo-" words. Keep His dialogue simple, but exaggerate his pride. Admittedly, it is "corny" using a cow who thinks he is a king to tell the story of a king who thought he was a cow.

Either the storyteller or an assistant can be the puppeteer. If the former, then some effort at ventriloquism would be appropriate, but not necessary. Just exaggerate the mouth movements and animation of the cow when it it speaks and minimize your own facial expressions, looking sideways at the puppet, talking out of the far side of your mouth.

In presenting the story, the storyteller carries on a conversation with "Neb" (a cow with a PRIDE problem), helping him to see his pride through the story of the humbling of the king who thought he was a cow. The story should be told simply with frequent and appropriate remarks from the puppet and some gentle humor. Talk to the puppet as if it was a young child, keeping your eye contact toward it. But let the puppet maintain lots of eye contact with the audience.


Tell the children that you are going to have some very special music today. Then bring into view the Special "moo-sician". Improvise some fun dialogue with the cow - making lots of puns and highlighting the moo... sound in his talking. Let him establish his character as you talk with him until his boasting becomes overbearing. Then interrupt him.

"You are a very proud cow. You had better be careful because the Bible tells us "pride proceeds a fall and a haughty spirit before destruction." Prov 16:18

"It does?"

It also says "God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble." James 4:6

"Are you trying to say I'm too proud?"

And it also says "Humble yourself before the Lord and he will lift you up." James 4:10

"Indeed There once was a king who was so proud that God had to humble him by making him think he was a cow for seven years."

"You are moo-aching that up!"

"This story really happened. The King himself wrote about it in the Bible in the Book of Daniel."


1. Tell "Neb" about Nebuchadnezer, proud of his accomplishments, His great city and kingdom. Much to be proud about. "Neb" is suitably impressed. Then mention that pride is a sin that God has to deal with.

"The Lord has a day in which the eyes of the arrogant man will be humbled and the pride of men brought low." Isa 2:11,12

Then he started having bad dreams again. A strange dream about a great tree that was cut down. God was trying to tell him something, but he didn't know what. The Magicians and wise men couldn't explain it. The king was very sad.

2. Finally His old friend Daniel, who 30 years before had interpreted the statue dream, came to seek him. When he told the dream to Daniel, Daniel was very sad for a different reason. This was a terrible dream. Daniel reminded him to be humble and do what God wants. (Vs 27)

3. For a while he remembered, but then he started getting proud again. One day he was looking over his great city. Thinking about how great he was, how he had made this city great. He Started bragging.

(Vs. 30) and it happened... A voice from heaven. (Vs 31,32) He started thinking he was a cow. All he wanted to do was eat grass. There was nothing else left for him to do. He had done it all.

He ran out in the fields and woods near his palace.

"a year went by. All he wanted to do was eat grass." The rain and dew drenched his skin. He was out there all the time.

"Another year went by. All he wanted to do was eat grass." By now his hair was long and shaggy.

"the third year went by. All he wanted to do was eat grass." His finger nails got longer and dirtier like claws of a eagle.

"Another year went by. All he wanted to do was eat grass". People no longer laughed at him. He was pitiful and made them feel sad.

"The fifth year went by. All he wanted to do was eat grass." His kingdom was falling apart. His son was ashamed of him and tried to take over his kingdom.

"Another year went by. All he wanted to do was eat grass." Few people even remembered the great things he had done. Whenever anyone mentioned his name, they did it sadly shaking their heads.

Finally after seven years had gone by he stopped thinking about himself and started thinking about the God who made him. He looked up towards heaven and He started giving God the glory for his kingdom. He realized that God was the true king. He makes us what we are. (Vs 34-35)

"God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble." "Humble yourself before the Lord and he will lift you up." James 4:6, 10

He humbled himself and God gave him back his kingdom.


"Neb" needs to praise God not brag about himself. Some people think they will get into heaven because of what they have done. Eph 2:8,9 We shall get into heaven because of what God has done. John 3:16, Rom 5:6, 8.

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