Story Five: "The man who was God's Word"

By Barry McWilliams
Lesson Five: God's Word brings us to Jesus.
Bible Text: John 5:19 - 47 and John 1:1, 14 - 18

Teaching method: Puppet or Dramatic

You will need a partner and a puppet. You should "team tell" this story - with one team member the storyteller and the other doing the puppetry. You will need to plan out your dialog together in advance, as well as practice together before telling the story to the children. If you have to be both teller and puppeteer, if such is the case, strategy #2 is best for you, since the bulk of the dialog will be the teller's.

The "puppet" character serves several purposes in your storytelling.

In the below strategies are two ways you could develop this story into a "puppet story" The first allows the Puppet to be the "instructor" and the teller to be the one asking the needed questions.

In the second, allows the puppet play the "role" of a child; as it is told the story by the teller - it asks "dumb", but obviously necessary, questions, and reacts to the teller's answers as a child might.

Always include some humor along the way to maintain interest!

Using puppets to generate appropriate feedback is one way of helping the children grasp difficult concepts and clarifying applications. It helps them avoid the embarrassment of asking "stupid" questions.

Strategy #1:

Your puppet could be a talking book. You will probably have to make the puppet using cardboard and foam. Visualize a book laying sideways, spine away from you. Two "eyes" are placed parallel to the spine on the cover, the mouth's opening is 2/3 of the way through the volume's pages, with a ribbon book mark for a "tongue", and the back cover, the "chin". A hand would need to fit in it.

Planning the dialog: Since you have been talking about God's Book all week, "God's Word" now wants an opportunity to speak, and tells the story with the teller interrupting with questions and remarks.

Strategy #2:

The puppet could be a "human muppet" Puppets are commercially available, but also easily made. Planning the dialog: The puppet interrupts the teller who has started talking about "Jesus, the Word". The Puppet is wondering how if the Bible is God's word, why Jesus is called the Word! How can a man be a book? Which one is the real Word? etc


The puppet needs to become a personality, with its own voice, character, feelings and responses. The puppet's language and behavior should be consistent if it is to become believable.

Watch Out!! Puppetry hints:

More Puppetry Resouces on the Web:

Simple Story outline:

The Story

God had given His Word to His people in a book. The book was written with the help of Moses and David and many Prophets.

God showed Himself to man in it. He showed Himself through what He said and also what He did. In the book people learned about His holiness and His Love.

He made many promises in his book. He promised He would someday judge and punish all sinners because He was holy, but He also promised to send a Savior because of His love.

But some people didn't want to believe the book.

Some of them said: "It's just an ordinary book - with some nice stories in it." Some of them said: "Some parts were really neat! But some parts I didn't like." Others said: "Its too boring so I don't read it." or "It's just a bunch of fairy tales."

God had put a very special message in the book, but many people would not listen to the message. God's message was a message of life and death.

So God had an idea. "I will send a `living book' to them to shown them what I am like and to tell them my message."

And so God sent a very special man, special because he was God's son. He was born in Bethlehem. As he grew older, as a boy, he amazed the people in the temple with His knowledge about God. As an adult, everyone who heard him said: "He teaches the truth."

This man was called the Word of God because He told people what God was like. He had known God and talked with God in heaven. He was called the Word of God because the things he did were the things God does. He cared about the poor and lonely and hurting people, and wanted to forgive people's sins. He was called the Word of God because He did miracles in God's name. Those who listen to Him can know God as a friend through Him.

He was called the Word of God because He fulfilled all that God had promised in His book. He was the Savior God had promised in the Bible.

But not everybody believed this man who was the Word of God. They wanted to hurt Him. They wanted to throw stones at Him for saying God was His Father and that He was God.

He showed us better than any book could how great God's love is for sinful people like you and me. He died on the cross for the sins of those who trust him, and he rose from the dead on Easter day.

But some people still do not believe Him. But for those who believe the Bible and Believe what God's Son has done and said, God has made wonderful promises. They will live with Him forever.

The Bible is all about Him. "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

God has "spoken" to you through His Word. The Bible and His Son both show you the love He has for sinners. But are you like those who do not believe the Book God had written? Or Those who rejected the God's Son who God sent? Do you believe God's Word is true?

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