Story Three: The Boy who found God's Word

By Barry McWilliams
Lesson Three: God's Word guides me
Bible Text: 2 Kings 22 - 23

Teaching method: Flannelgraph

Story outline:
  1. The young king and the very wicked nation
  2. Cleaning the temple - finding the Scroll of the law
  3. Reading the law - Repentence and Removing the idols
  4. Celebrating the Passover
Figures Needed: Throne
Temple Pillar, steps and roof
Horned Altar
(These stay in place)

Young Josiah
Scrolls (hidden)
Clutter (several pieces)
Idols (several)
Gold Calf
King Josiah
High Priest
Shaphan with Scroll
Unrolled Scroll
Repenting Josiah
Passover lamb


(In advance place on the flannelboard the throne and the temple / altar with its clutter pieces. Hide Scrolls under the clutter. Leave room for figures to be added.)

Scene 1: Young King Josiah - Land full of idols - Temple in disrepair.

Place Young Josiah figure by throne. Describe the idolatry and wickedness of Manassah and Amon, placing the idol figures in upper center of board. Add worshippers. Place Golden Calf on Altar. Add addtl clutter to temple area.

Scene 2: Cleaning the temple - remove clutter - find scroll - Bring it to Josiah.

Replace Young Josiah with King Josiah figure. Tell of Josiah's concern for his kingdom, Add Hight Priest, How to deal with it's sorry state? Add workers; telling of project to renovate temple, remove Clutter gradually, highlighted by discovery of Scrolls, and Shaphan reading scroll excitement of High Priest and taking the Scrolls to Josiah.

Scene 3 - Smashing Idols - First knocking them over, then taking them down.

Place open Scroll on board above Josiah. Replace figure of Josiah with Josiah repenting. Tell of the reading of the Law, which now makes clear what must be done. the sorrow of repentence, the smashing of idols (Turn various idols sideways - then remove them one by one.) The resistence of pagan priests, etc. Remove worshipers. Remove Calf

Scene 4 - Restoring the Passover - Priest - Passover Lamb - Cross of Christ

But removing improper worship is not enough, there must be a restoration of the worship God commands. Place Josiah and H. Priest on sides of Altar. Add Passover Lamb. Add worshipers. Tell of Josiah's observance of Passover. Tell of the significance of Passover. The lamb who must die for the people's sins. Add Cross by Scroll. Tell of Christ, the lamb of God, who died for our sins.

In conclusion, Tell of how Josiah died and how the people turned back to idols. Tell too of Jeremiah and Habakkuk the prophets, who trusted the Lord. End by telling of the importance of God's word to guide us in serving Him.

Josiah had a terrible problem. He was the king of Judah, but he was just a boy. He was 8 years old when he became king. His father had been a very bad king. His grand- father had also been a very bad king. They both had done terrible things. They had filled the land of Judah with idols and the people were doing many things God had forbidden. Not only had they disobeyed God's Word, they had every Bible they could find destroyed.

The reason Josiah, who was now a teenager was king was that his father had been killed by his own officials.

And now that Josiah was king, he wanted to lead the people back to God. But it had been so long since God was worshiped in the right ways that the people had forgotten how God wanted to be worshiped and what He had commanded.

Josiah knew that the idolatry in the land was wrong, but he didn't know what to do about it, and he didn't know how God was supposed to be worshiped either. Josiah was especially sad to see God's temple all run-down and needing repair. So he sent workmen to fix it up. One of the workmen was cleaning out a dusty closet when he found something rolled up. He gave it to the foreman, who passed it on to Shapan, the king's official. As he unrolled it, his eyes opened wide. It was the Word of God.

Full of excitement he took it to Josiah. Josiah was excited too. Eagerly he read it, but as he read it, he became sad once more. For the Bible told him how wicked the people were and how angry God was. He read that God would surely punish their sins. Josiah began to cry and tear his clothes.

It was clear what Josiah had to do. Josiah gathered the people together and read to them the Covenant God had made with His people.

Then He set to work tearing down the altars to false gods all through the land. He had the wicked priests put to death and even burned the bones of wicked priests who were buried near their idols.

But doing all this could not turn away God's anger at the sins of his grandfather because doing good works cannot make God overlook the bad we do.

Josiah read in the Bible about a great feast called Passover. It was a feast where a lamb was sacrificed for the sins of the people. Josiah gathered the people and careful prepared for the feast. Never since the days of Samuel had passover been so carefully observed. The feast of passover was God's way of teaching the people that they needed a Savior who would die for their sins.

Never was there a king either before or after who loved God with all his heart as Josiah did. But God could not overlook the wickedness of Judah. So God made a promise to Josiah. He promised that Josiah would not see the disaster that would come. God would hold back His judgement a little longer.

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