Lesson Five: God's Word brings us to Jesus.

By Barry McWilliams
Bible Story "The man who was God's Word"
Bible Text: John 5:19

Read John 5:19-47 and John 1:1, 14-18

Theme: God's Word Brings me to Jesus.

God speaks most plainly in His Son who came in human form and dwelt among us. While we can question the authority of a book, God's Son, backed up both by His words and His works, as well as the testimony of Scripture can't be denied. If you believe the Bible, then you have to believe in Him for it speaks of Him throughout. If you believe in Him, then you have to believe the Bible, for He treats it as the very Word of God.

God had given His Word to His people in a book. The book was written with the help of Moses and David and many Prophets. But some people didn't want to believe the book. (John 5:47). They made up all sorts of reasons for not believing it.

Some of them said: "It's just an ordinary book - with some nice stories in it." Some of them said: "Some parts were really neat! But some parts I didn't like." Others said: "Its too boring so I don't read it." or "It's just a bunch of fairy tales." Excuses! Excuses!

God has put a very special message in the book, but many people will not listen to the message. God's message is a message of life and death: All men were sinners, and can not please God. Romans 3:23. God must punish sin with death, but He offers us a Savior, Jesus Christ. Romans 6:23. In His death and resurrection, we see God's love for helpless sinners shown. Romans 5:8. And God offers that salvation and forgiveness to those who believe in His Son. Romans 10:9,10.

So God had an idea, planned from the beginning. "I will send a `living book' to them to show them what I am like and to tell them my message."

And so God sent a very special man, special because he was God's son. He was born in Bethlehem. As he grew older, as a boy, he amazed the people in the temple with His knowledge about God. Luke 2:40, 47, 52. As an adult, everyone who heard him said: "He teaches the truth." Mark 1:27, Matt 7:28,29, 1 John 1:1-3.

But not everybody believed this man who John calls "the Word". They didn't like being told that they were sinners and needed a Savior. They called him names. They wanted to hurt Him. They wanted to throw stones at Him for saying God was His Father and that He was God.

This man was called the Word of God because He told people what God was really like. He had known God and talked with God in heaven. John 1:14, 17-18. He was called the Word of God because the things he did were the things God does. John 5:19, 36. He cared about the poor and lonely and hurting people, and wanted to forgive people's sins.

But while many people believed that He was God's Son and had their sins forgiven, some stubbornly refused. They didn't like what He said any more than they liked what God's Book had said.

He was called the Word of God because He did miracles in God's name. Yet those miracles made some people angry and jealous of Him. When He healed a man who could not walk, they accused Him of breaking God's laws. (John 5) When he healed a paralyzed man, and forgave his sins, they called him a sinner, because only God could forgive sins. ( Mark 2) When he made a blind man see, they tryed to stone him. Hundreds of wonderful things He did, and they refused to believe even when God's power was demonstrated in mighty miracles right before their eyes. Not even miracles can convince nonbelief. Instead they accused Him of using the Devil's power. (Mark 3:22)

Many believed in Him as they saw these miracles, and those who believe Him and listen to Him came to know God as a friend through Him.

He was called the Word of God because He fulfilled all that God had promised in His book. He was the Savior God had promised in the Bible. God had written in His book all about His Son - what he would be like, what He would do. The things God had promised had come to pass.

He showed us better than any book could how great God's love is for sinful people like you and me. He died on the cross for the sins of those who trust him, and he rose from the dead on Easter day.

The Bible is all about Him. "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16.

How terrible it is that even when God sent His living book - The Word - Jesus - yet some refuse to believe. Some people today make excuses just as they did in the days when God's Son lived among us. They refuse to believe the Scriptures, they refuse to believe what God's Son has said; they refuse to believe even the miracles which He does.

It is so important that we listen to what He says to us about ourselves, and how we are to be saved. For the Bible says He is coming again to gather His own and bring judgement on unbelief.

But I must believe it!

Why is Jesus called "the Word"?

  1. He reveals God to us in his person - because he is God (Jn 1,5:37,38)
  2. His Words and Works show God to us (1:18,5:19-21,24-26)
  3. All the Word of God points to Him. (5:39,45-47)
  4. He tells us the truth about ourselves and God, so we can have true life in Him. (1:18,5:19, 24,25)

Study Questions How would you explain to a child why Jesus is called the Word of God?

Jesus reveals the Father in Himself . Explain how he does this to a child.

Read the "I-Am" statements below. What does Jesus teach us about Himself in each one? About Salvation?

The "I AM" Statements of Jesus

Two Passages that speak about Jesus and the Word of God:

Matt 5:17-19 Jesus says that He did not come to set aside the Law of God, but to establish it. In the reference to even the letters of the original text, He gives an indication of the extent of inpiration.

In Luke 24:25-27, 44-47, Jesus reveals himself to the His disciples after the resurrection. On the road to Emmaus he explains from all the Scriptures what they taught concerning Him. He stated everything in Moses and Psalms and the Prophets written about Him would be fulfilled. He opened their minds so they could understand the Bible. He summarized what they taught about Him in vss. 46-47.

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