God's Word and Me!

A Vacation Bible School Curriculum by Barry McWilliams
an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America
Using the New International Bible

Graphics Resources for God's Word and Me!

Two of the lessons will require graphic aids: pictures or flannelgraph figures, and one requires a puppet. Lesson One uses some "home-made" Phalactaries as well. Descriptions of what you will need to make follow and instructions for how they are included in the descrptions of the stories. Old Sunday School materials, materials in your files, illustration in books, etc can be, with a little effort, turned into more than adequate "do it yerself" teaching aids. Perhaps someone in your church has a talent for sketching and can do them. Some pictures can be collages of pictures clipped from magazines, etc. Be creative and you will find that making your own graphic teaching aids will make the story even more your own.

For Lesson Two - a Pictures in Sequence Story, the following are needed:

  1. Young Solomon being crowned
  2. Solomon asks for wisdom
  3. Solomon ruling wisely
  4. Solomon's wealth and prosperity
  5. The Temple
  6. Open scroll with warning signs
  7. Closed scroll with illustrations of his disobedience
  8. Foreign wives and idols
  9. Solomon's riches
  10. Solomon's chariots and fortresses
  11. Solomon's enslaved people
  12. A sad king looking over his divided kingdom (a map?)
  13. Bible with Warning signs

Lesson Three is a Flannelgraph story requiring the following four pages of figures:
[Page 1]. . .[Page 2]. . .[Page 3]. . .[Page 4]. . .[Page 5]

The GIF files are 1/4 sized and should be saved to a disk and then resized using a graphic utility like Paint Shop Pro - I suggest entering 1600 in the width box and resizing proportionately. Hopefully the Jaggies will not be too bad in resizing.

  1. Throne (on left facing right)
  2. Temple Pillar, steps and roof (on right facing left)
  3. Horned Altar( center)
(These three will stay in place)

  1. Young Josiah
  2. Scrolls (hidden under clutter)
  3. Clutter (several pieces)
  4. Idols (several)
  5. Golden Calf
  6. King Josiah
  7. High Priest
  8. Shaphan with Scroll
  9. Unrolled Scroll
  10. Repenting Josiah
  11. Passover lamb
  12. Cross

Lesson Five uses a "Book Puppet": You will probably have to make the puppet using cardboard and foam. Visualize a book laying sideways, spine away from you. Two "eyes" are placed parallel to the spine on the cover, the mouth's opening is 2/3 of the way through the volume's pages, with a ribbon book mark for a "tongue", and the back cover, the "chin". A hand would need to fit in it.

or a "human muppet" depending on which approach you take in telling the story.

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