To assist himself and others in getting ready for ministry in Uganda,
Barry McWilliams is working on an addition to his

Uganda Pages.

He wants to add a web page on his Uganda Pages that will serve as an introduction to the various tribes and languages of Uganda to assist those coming to Uganda on mission trips. He intends to have information and links there concerning tribal history, language, culture, Cities and districts, etc.

What he would like to include is page of basic expressions in each language that would be helpful for such visitors to know. He hopes eventually to do a page each of these expressions for Lugandan, Lusogan, Lugisu, Runyoro, Runtoro, Rukiga, Runyankole, Langi/ Alur, and Swahili.

If you are a native speaker of one of these languages could you please email eldrbarry with the appropriate phrases in your tribal language for the following List of formal and informal greetings, phrases, and worship expressions; and include any appropriate responses to them as well? And if you speak more than one of these, could you assist him in the other languages as well.

If you could also attempt to give a phonetical version for native English speakers as well, broken into syllables with the accent in caps (Example: Thank you! Weebale (way-BA-lay)) it would be helpful.

He would welcome any remarks about any gender related variations for example, if a phrase is appropriate when greeting some one of your own age and gender, but not appropriate when greeting someone of a different age and/ or gender).

If you could include any remarks concerning particular customs in your culture that you feel are important for visitors to know, he would appreciate it! (such as particular hand shaking, hugging, meal etiquette, etc). These would be the sorts of things, which you may have observed from your past experiences with us Muzugus -- any things you have wished we had known, which would improve our getting acquainted with people in your culture.

Of course, he would also like your permission to use that material on his web site. If desired, he would include a word of credit for you as well.

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