Pictures from a Mission Trip to Uganda, May, 2005


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The Kamuli Conference Pictures: May 11-14th

Our plans for a conference in the West Nile were unexpectedly dropped shortly before we left for Uganda. John Basingwire arranged for us to do a conference with Basoga Diocese at Naminage Conference Center near Kamuli, about 40 miles north of Jinja, part of the Basoga Kingdom. The Basoga Diocese, the largest in the Church of Uganda (Anglican) has 140 parishes, some with 25 churches; but only 123 priests, including Diocese staff. The Conference was for Priests and their wives and the Theme was"Put your house in order" from 2 Kings 20. The bulk of the ministry is in the hands of largely untrained lay leaders. Small stipends require most clergy to support themselves and their families outside their ministries. There is a great need here. he lengthy concluding speeches as the conference ended on Saturday, a part of African Anglican conferences, made it very clear we were both well received and greatly desired back. We were able to leave books with all the pastors! They repeatedly stressed their desire for help in training clergy. See my Reflections and a Report for more on the ministry at Kamuli.