On Line Resources for Church Mission Committees

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Some Handouts:

  • Mission to the World (Presbyterian Church in America)offers a lot of articles in pdf format including articles on developing a congregations' missions committee. A part of the material is a set of Four documents on developing a congregations' missions program: Laying the Foundation, Setting Your Sights, Setting the Pace and Reaching the Summit combined there is 128 pages of material. They also have an A diagnostic tool for churches to assess their world missions ministry

    Mission to the World's Church Resourcing Department can help. Each state in the U.S. and province in Canada, is represented by a Church Resourcing Representative. Your representative is available to your church to assist you in whatever need you may have. Whether you are a new church which desires to start a missions ministry or your church has an established global outreach ministry, we can help you through planning, mobilizing, and connecting you with global PCA church planting works. The above materials are available through the Church Resourcing. MTW Resources will connect you with assistance in your church missions program.

  • JAM Article: Helping Mission Committies to Inform the Congregation and to Implement Their Oversight of Mission Efforts by Gaston Tarbet

  • Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment ACMC was a catalyst for missions mobilization with thousands of local churches across the U.S. In 2007 ACMC became a ministry of Pioneers, and in 2011, ACMC was retired, and its staff transitioned into other ministry roles, independently and with other organizations. Sadly a lot of valuable resources ae gone. They still have a downloadable Missions Assessment Profile (MAP) - a useful tool for accessing your congregations mission program.

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  • Mercy and Development Ministry:

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