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Why Three Weddings?

  • The first wedding was the Civil Ceremony - required by the State of Hungary. It was at the City Hall in Kaposvár where Sarah and Bruno have been living, and doing ministry with International Messengers. There was a reception afterwards at the Methodist Church where about forty close friends offered their good wishes. Folk dancing added to the occaision, and there was plenty to eat.

  • The second wedding was a Religious Service - as Sarah and Bruno, who are Christians, wanted to be married in the eyes of God. Alex Konya, an instructor at Word of Life conducted the service. Tóalmás is about 30 miles east to Mende, in eastern Pest County, where many of Bruno's family and relatives live, enabling them to join in this celebration. The Andrássy Kastély (a Baroque Castle) was a lovely setting for a wedding, but is also the campus of Word of Life, Hungary where Bruno had training in the Bible and ministry. The reception afterwards on the terrace included a catered dinner arranged for by Bruno's mother, and the luminaries down to the lake added a special touch after dark.
  • The third wedding was a Reaffirmation of their vows at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Everett, Wa. in the church where Sarah has always wanted to be wed. Many of her family, friends and her church family at Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church, as well as a number of IM staff from the Ministry Training Center in Libby, Montana joined in the celebration. Sarah's parents were also married in this church in 1974. Sarah's father, a Presbyterian pastor, helped prepare the worship service. A reception followed downstairs, goldfish and jingle bells on the tables, plenty of food brought by church friends. It concluded with broken goblets and the money dance, a Hungarian custom.

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