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It was Meyer's Idea to Fix the Fence. . . a Homily
The Origin of Pets. . . a wedding Story about Adam and Eve
The Stone before the Door . . . a wedding story told at my daughter's wedding
The Broken Gift - a Christmas homily . . . Adapted from an essay by Micheal Card

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Eldrbarry's Folktales: These are stories I have adapted from folklore:

Christmas Stories:

Legendary Saints Stories: These look at the legends and the real people behind them, and include a number of links for further study. Eventually I hope to add similar pages on other "legendary saints" such as Stephen, George, Christopher, Francis, Augustine, Athenasius, Dominic and Bernard of Clairvaux, and Patrick. For more on researching Saints' Stories, see my Christian Storytelling Resources page

Raven - Stories from the Pacific Northwest Native Americans

Favorite Stories of Master Storytellers

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