Some of Eldrbarry's Stories... That the Hatter tells....

Who wrote them and where you can find them....

"I went to the market" I heard it told by Margaret MacDonald at Tellebration '91 - recently published in her book: Look Back and See

"The Patched-Up Shoes of Ali Abou" (Turkish) Frances Carpenter, The Elephant's Bathtub

"The Little Rooster and the Turkish Sultan" Kate Serendy, The Good Master (also in Margaret MacDonald, Twenty Tellable Tales.)

"How the Tides came to be" Joan Chase Bowden, picture book of same title.

"The Story of An Egg" (Rumania) Jean Ure, Rumanian Folktales

"The Story of Kattor" Georgia Travers, Childcraft 1980 edition, Vol. 2

"The Red Shoes and the Willy Nilly Man" I first heard this told by Gene Friese, the story is adapted from a picture book by Jill Wright.

"Why Mosquitos Buzz in People's Ears" (African) Verna Aardema, picture book same title.

"The Snooks" Virginia A. Tashjian, Juba This and Juba That

"The Wise Old Woman" (Irish) Kathleen Greene, Philip and the Pootka

"The Man Whose Luck Was Asleep" (Armenian) Virginia Tashjian, Once there was and was not

"John Labodie"s Big Black Dog" (French Canadian) My Snohomish county version derived from Natalie Carlson, The Talking Cat

"How The Huckabucks Grew Popcorn in Nebraska, Quit and Came Back" Carl Sandburg, Rootabaga Stories

"Grandfather's Turnip" (Russian) Pleasant De Spain, Pleasant Journeys, Vol. 1

"Close the Door!" (Folktale) Pleasant De Spain, Pleasant Journeys, Vol. 1

"How the Snake got His Rattles" (Folktale) Julius Lester, Black Folklore

"The Goldfish" My adaption of a story by Eleanor Farjeon, The Little Bookroom

"Two of Everything" (Chinese Folktale) Alice Ritchie, The Treasure of Li Po

"The fisherman and His WIfe" My version of the tale by the Brothers Grimm.

"How the Camel Got his Hump" Rudyard Kipling, Just So Stories

"How They bring back the Village of Cream Puffs When the wind blows it away" Carl Sandburg, Rootabaga Stories

"The Woodcutter's Three Wishes" (Russian Folktale) Pleasant De Spain, Pleasant Journeys

"Stone Soup" (Folktale) Various versions exist of this common tale

"The Boy and The Trolls" (Scandinavian) Walter Strenstrom, Great Swedish Fairytales

"Where do Dragons come from" (Oriental) I heard this folktale told by a teller from California.

"The Crane woos The Heron" (Russian Folktale) From Afanesh'v Russian Fairy Tales

"The Tims" Eleanor Farjeon, The Little Bookroom

These are just some of the stories, that the Hatter has told in Schools and Libraries.

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