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The art of storytelling and the joy of story listening

A need for Storytellers

"I suppose the love of stories, whether folklore or fantasy have always been with me from childhood. The zest for storytelling has always been part of my life. Wanting to learn more of the art, I read everything I could find on storytelling. I discovered a vast amount of rich and varied folklore and literary tales that are nearly forgotten today."

"At the same time I am convinced that children and adults are in great danger of losing the ability to listen and imagine. Our modern film and video media despite all the hype offer a poor and impoverished fare for the human spirit and imagination, denying us "the shapes and sounds none knows or hears save each mind for itself". Educators agree - storytelling stimulates imaging and reading skills.

"A storyteller's tales should give us new perspectives, often taking us beyond our reason and experiences, and opening up the doors of our hearts to discover realms seen only by the spirit. I have found many tales that touch my spirit and these I also want to share."

"What Frances Sayers called for forty years ago is needed even even more true today - the time is ripe for storytellers to keep alive the word direct, by speaking it, and speaking for its worth at every opportunity. With my storytelling programs I am seeking those opportunities."

- Barry McWilliams

About Eldrbarry's Story Programs:

is a collector of hats and stories.

Lively fun tales appealing to audiences of all ages!
Some are familiar to the young in heart everywhere.
Some nearly forgotten. Some brand new!

As the Hatter unpacks his trunk, imaginations are released.
Hanging on his wooden hat rack is a potpourri of tales
from the world's folklore and children's literature
- and most of all - from the imagination and the heart.

The Hatter tells for the sheer joy of telling,
with much animation and enthusiasm.
And sometimes he tips his hat with some
"off the top of his head" improvisation.

The Hatter has a special devotion to the Art of Story Telling and the Joy of Story Listening.

Some of Hatter's Story list.

The best way to know the unique culture of the peoples of the Pacific Northwest
is through their stories.

With tales carved and woven all around them, native storytellers passed on the traditions of their culture which prospered on the salmon from the sea and what they carved from the cedar of the evergreen forests.

RAVEN is at the heart of their stories -
though a glutton and trickster, this "spirit-being" of the time before the Changing when animals walked and talked with men, was a creator and teacher of the peoples he found in a giant clamshell. In the Raven tales we meet Mouse Woman, the Fog Man, Porcupine, Owl, Bear, Cannibal Giant, Mink and Great-Whirl-Pool Maker, and other interesting characters. Eldrbarry "acts out" Native American tales in front of a 9' x 7' Story Screen, relating the stories to the traditional life and customs of the Pacific coast peoples.

Eldrbarry's Raven Pages. . . Eldrbarry's Raven Story lists

Story Programs in development:

Hunter has snared a menagerie of

Animal Trickster Fables from Africa and Asia


Trickster Rabbit
Ananzi the Spider

Humorous Stories for all ages
told from a storyteller's stool
with a variety of audience involvement.

Gathering up the scraps and stories of life.

Bible Stories and other tales
relating spiritual and moral truths.

These stories will illuminate and illustrate
the beauty of the the Greatest Story ever told.

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