Raven's Roost
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"Where do we find Raven?..." the story begins. "... When you want to find Raven, you look for him at the top of the tree, where he often sits, his eyes always moving, always looking and looking, gazing out across his world, watching for some mischief to get into or something to eat..."

On this page I have assembled an annotated bibliography of books about Raven, and the Pacific Northwest Native American cultures in whose stories and mythology Raven plays such a prominent part. Look for them in your local library or bookstore. Highlighted titles are currently listed by Amazon.com Books and you can find out about their price and availability, as well as conveniently purchase them, by following their links - a service of Eldrbarry's Story Telling Page in association with Amazon.com Books. A good source for finding used and out of print books is Advanced Book Exchange. All opinions, notes and recommendations are those of Barry McWilliams.

Raven, Mouse Woman and the myths and legends of the Pacific Northwest.

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