Listening to Sermons

Practical tips for hearers who want to be doers of the word:
James 1:22-25, Psalm 1:1-3, Psa 63:2-6

  1. If possible preview the passage to be preached and ask yourself questions.
  2. Take Notes - and keep them. (Use a notebook rather than the back of the bulletin or pieces of scrap paper). Avoid doodling.
  3. Pay Attention - to the preacher, not the clock, or your plans for the week.
  4. Listen with an open Bible! Bring a different version than the pew Bible, or the Preacher's usual version.
  5. Relate the message to your experiences - and be honest with God and self as you do.
  6. Support and encourage the messenger as one who cares for your soul!
  7. Pray that the Spirit will speak to you through the sermon and your heart will hear.
  8. Visualize the message - create mental "hooks" to hang its truths upon. Or relate its truths to a hymn or spiritual song.
  9. Review the Scripture text(s) and write down your response afterwards in private while the message is fresh in your heart.
  10. Pass the Word on before it slips away: share it with someone in the next few days.
The more "senses" through which the Word enters - the longer it will reside in our hearts:
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