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Sarah and Bruno Balogh

Missionaries in Hungary

International Messengers

. . . . September 3, 2010 . . . .


Whatever happened to that missionary girl who was in Hungary? How long has it been? It is four in the morning, and for months the Lord has been nudging me to write… to give Him the glory and to inform you just about life.

January 2nd, 2010 was the 10 year anniversary of my going to the International Messengers training center in Libby, Montana. A first step of faith to follow God whole heartedly.

June 28th, 2010 marked the anniversary of my leaving for Hungary and the beginning my "two year" mission trip that changed the course of my life. I had to celebrate what God has done. My mom & I went out to breakfast, praised God for His faithfulness. I wanted to remember all the changes, weird things, great things God has done. Everything that He has brought me through, and to just celebrate that today, I still love the Lord with all my heart, and I am pouring my life into my children, trying to be a good wife, mom & daughter and fulfill the calling the Lord calls me to each day. It was a huge decade in my life, marriage, kids, cross cultures, and a return. We just celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary. Eight years ago today we flew from Hungary to celebrate in the U.S. a wedding in the U.S. and attend the training center with Bruno.

I want to celebrate you as well. Over the 10 + years God has used many of you in my life. Your prayers, sacrificial financial giving, times of encouragement and support and your love for the Lord which strengthened and supported others for His kingdom purposes!

So, where are we now?

Everett, WA. We are currently residing at the apartment complex where Bruno works. Bruno is a maintenance guy here on the property and he works really hard, and when possible he takes on more construction jobs/remodeling. Right now, it seems there may be an opportunity for us to buy a house — but, I am seekking the Lord in this because this is more than I want to carry! I just don't see the hows yet, or from what source the Lord will provide. From where I stand now, it is by Faith! BUT, with that said, there are so many things that I thought impossible, and that it could never happen; and the Lord opened up doors and provided along the way. When we grab hold of our unbelief, and still walk by Faith the Lord shows us where to go and His will. (Going to Hungary, getting married, leaving Hungary, choosing to stay in the U.S).

Currently, I am home with our three kids. Robert will be six years old in October. He starts kindergarten next week. Benjamin just celebrated his third birthday, and Abigel will soon be ten months. Many women know that this is a very high calling, and challenging one… and the work doesn't end. The rewards are being there for their silly comments, hearing how Benji asks where "his friend"ť is — meaning Robi, and then turninng around spilling beans in the kitchen and wrestling with his sister—and seeing the good and the bad. My biggest test of character is just the everyday living and modeling the right attitudes for my children. Trusting the Lord when you are afraid, being humble when we messed up, and respecting others, and working hard when we just want to quit. Staying connected to the Vine, training them in the way to go with love, patience, kindness, goodness, gentlenesss and self control… all fruits of the Spirit.

So, what about Hungary? Ministry is continuing in Kaposvar with Barb Gorman. She has been there eight years now. She is in the prisons sharing the gospel, teaching English, meeting with young people, and serving those who we care for dearly. My mother-in-law is living in our flat in Kaposvar with her husband, has built relationships with some of my dearest friends, and lives are being encouraged through facebook, msn, and through the church there. Ron & Verna Sutton from Minnesota still travel back for month long journeys, with women's patchwork conferences, men's meetings, and to help spread the gospel further. In March/April I traveled with my three little ones to Hungary to take care of major dental work, see family, friends, and be a continued part of the patchwork ministry. My response is… Great is the Lord He is worthy to be praised! Bruno stayed back and worked really hard the entire month, he couldn't get away from work. We also had a young man come for two months this summer from Kaposvar, and stay with us, and my parents as well. (Bruno & Mark helped in giving my parents house an upgrade!)

What is happening with International Messengers? Since February 2009 we have no longer received a Salary from International Messengers, and I am not on the "field"ť—but we do have a defficit with them of $4,525 dollars. We are working on paying them back slowly each month. This was accrued from plane tickets home, and from the $500.00 a month salary that I received before February 2009, and before we knew we were staying in the US. I didn't have the needed monthly amount coming in to cover that salary. I feel at odds right now, because there hasn't been closure yet with I.M. I feel like I am waiting—to find out when we really know what is to comme. I haven't been "active"ť as staff, but I am still in their directory. The Lord is faithful, He stretches us, leads us, and uses so many avenues, people, and relationships to accomplish His purposes! More of Him and less of me, this is the cry of my heart. I love coming to the end of self so that I realize that there is freedom.

So, thank you for taking time out of your day to read a part of my life. I have so much that I am learning about God, His Grace, His Love, and how He is active, alive and loving. There are struggles that are very hard to face, the enemy is also very active to keep those who are in bondage locked up. But the Lord desires freedom, forgiveness, and a life everlasting. We know that the return of the Lord is coming, and that people need to hear about Jesus… His death, His reesurrection, and His reign! We need to hear that we are deeply loved, that He has a purpose in our Lives, and that there is no condemnation for those who love Him! All of this is by faith, but it is SO REAL! Thanks You again for your prayers, support, and all that you have done even years ago to help me on this journey!

In Jesus,

Sarah Balogh

11225 19th Ave. SE. #P205
Everett, WA. 98208

Phone: 425-319-9130
Email: imsbalogh@yahoo.com

Who served with International Messengers,
P.O. Box 618, Clear Lake, IA. 50428

I can be found on Facebook as well.

P.S. 11/2010 A brief update. The house opportunity did not work out. I am watching three extra children during the day and working several evenings a week caring for a woman that is 103 years old. An opportunity to witness, please pray. Fortunately, my Mom can watch the children. Bruno is going to Hungary in November for some dental work and a visit with his family and will be away over Thanksgiving. Mary Kay will be visiting to help me out. Robi is doing well in school, Benji is full of three year old energy and Abi is now one and she is walking, and even climbing, and is such a joy.

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