Sarah McWilliams

Missionary in Training

International Messengers

. . . . Current Prayer Letter . . . .

May 22, 2000


Hello! This will be my final prayer letter from Libby, Montana. Yes, my time is almost up and I will be leaving for a break at Glacier National Park with my parents on Friday the 26th of May and then be home on the night of the 27th. I look forward to seeing some of you and sharing some past experiences and what I am looking forward to. I also want updates on all that is going on in your life and how I can pray for you!

Let's see; yesterday we had our last service here in Libby, Chrissy Graham and I were involved in worship and they had a prayer for us where we briefly mentioned where we were going. It was a good service, but there were two very exciting things that happened after the service. A couple came up to me after the service and spoke Hungarian to me. They had just gotten back from a year in Hungary. So, today I will meet with them over dinner and get loaded with information about Hungary, it's culture, and ways to get around. That is one more thing to do in the next four days, but I am praising God for that opportunity.

The second thing that happened surprised me. Seth, a young man (about 16) who was attending the XL (youth group) the night I gave my testimony, was waiting to talk to me. He wanted to tell me that he had chosen to follow Christ that as result of what I had shared. I knew that a change had occurred, but I had no idea that God had chosen to use me in that way. Just when you think that your time hasn't been very effective, God reveals how much of an impact you have on people's lives you have seen occasionally. It was a special day, and God extended much grace to me, and the other interns during this time.

Well, during this last month we have studied Doctrine and Apologetics, Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), Preaching and Teaching, (where we learned to prepare and deliver 20-minute message to share with the class and I admit that I have a lot more respect for pastors who prepare weekly! It is not an easy thing to do.) Other courses include Discipleship, Cults, and Science and the Bible. These classes have been very good and God has brought much blessing to me through the teachers.

Thank you all for you continued prayer and financial support. I am still amazed at how God has been providing for me during this time. I would not be able to do God's work without your support. The gifts have gone towards our trip to Europe (about $1300), food and lodging, helping with expenses of teachers, a LOT of books, and other needs that have come up here and there. Now there is an expense for the plane ticket over to Hungary, which in itself is $1297.01. Airline prices are extremely high right now, and since I am staying till May or June next year, discounts don't really cover that long of a gap. Please pray about this expense, that God would provide, and that I will wait on Him for this need.

Okay, once I am over there, I will have a salary of $485.00 a month for housing, food, and other miscellaneous needs… such as some clothes so that I will fit more into their culture, and postage stamps etc. Then there is a set amount of $150 more for ministry expense. This will go towards small gifts for those who I come in contact with and want to encourage, paper for prayer letters, train tickets and transportation around Hungary, and anything else that may be needed to serve the people more effectively. The remainder of the $750 a month is for the 13% overhead that goes directly to IM.

Please pray about your involvement in this ministry. There is still an opportunity for you to be included as I still need between $450-500 of monthly support. If 30-40 people would give only $15.00 a month (which comes down to .50 a day) then my support would be accounted for. Or if 50 people would give only $10.00 a month my support would be covered. There is great joy in being involved in God's work, and I ask that you pray to see if God is calling you to be involved in His ministry. Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

I was informed this morning that I will need a computer for over there. If you know of anyone who has an old lap-top or a computer that I can use for e-mail and has Microsoft Work (or Works). I would greatly appreciate it if you can pass the word around and pray for this need to be met. Enough about that!

I have much to be thankful for. God has given me the opportunity to go and visit my Grandparents in Colorado on the 5th-10th of June. I am anxious to serve them, and share with them what God has been doing in my life.

Well, I must be going. Some quick prayer requests before I go: