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. . . . April 20th, 2008 . . . .

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Dear Friends,

This last month has been a great time of challenge, sifting through, and lots of travel. The Lord has been our gracious provider and protector throughout the kilometers. The work that He is doing in hearts we pray will have eternal value.

Quick overview: March 28-29: Quilting retreat in Kaposvar. 140+ women came to sew and heard testimonies about passing it forward, and how Jesus passed it forward. It was a great weekend.

After the retreat, the family (mother in law was down) headed to Mende/Budapest. Monday & Tuesday were days spent in waiting. Waiting at the doctors, waiting at the Embassy, and waiting to get a copy of Bruno's birth certificate. The good news is the waiting paid off & Bruno will receive a Social Security # and a green card!

After we made the 6 hour journey to Poland for staff conference. It was very encouraging, the first day very relaxed as we were able to visit with other staff before the meetings began. We left Sunday before people were really up and around, made it through the snowy mountains and down to Mende, which was a transition time before Serbia. Bruno continued onto Kaposvar that Sunday to complete two weeks of work. I had some great times to encourage and pray for and meet with others.

On Wendesday I took both kids (against what was originally planned) down to Serbia. My main role there was to encourage, assist and translate. Five gals came over from Kaposvar (getting stuck, well delayed at the border). During the Serbia ministry we had a packed church of 40 ladies working on projects, hearing testimonies and building relationships. The ministry is growing there as at least 7 groups have started in different areas of Northern Serbia, and Hungary. The truth and the vision started years ago is going out. It was especially fun at one point for me. I was worried about my translating, wondering if it was being understood, (I was the one who had the most understanding of both languages)-- but there was a need not only to go into Hungarian but into Serbian. The gal who I often feel the most "pressure" from, translated into Serbian, which gave me a great assurance of what I was understood! It was a joy to translate, and it went well! Praise the Lord. I stayed until Monday, with the team and made the tough trip towards Kaposvar. We made it and everything was good.

The past few days have been spent doing laundry, packing, meeting with friends, and trying to keep some stability for the kids. They've been a few new developments! Benji is now on the move! He can crawl fairly well-- and he loves to stand up. But, he isn't so strong to stand on his own, which means I end up holding his hands a lot; which keeps my hands tied up. PRAY please for grace, and patience needed for them. Tomorrow we have a 3 hour trip to Budapest, and Thursday we have a 14 hour flight! If we are tired, and if they are disobeying us, loud, and won't sit still I imagine it to be a great challenge! Pray for us as parents, pray for Bruno to also have special grace and understanding, and also for both all of us to be gracious towards one another with all the changes that are happening!

Other news! On Thursday I checked out Craigs List and found an apartment-- that seemed to be exactly what I was praying for! We can move in on the 26th of April! Our address is: 2915 Federal Ave, Everett WA. 98201. It is a good size one bedroom apartment (ground floor of a house). It has a fenced yard, view of the bay, and is walking distance to Sno-Isle Natural Foods Co-op where I will be working mornings. I start May 1st! This is totally a God things, and we praise the Lord for it!

So, if you live in the NW, and if you have furniture, kitchen stuff, or other household items which we could borrow for 6 months ---- please contact my mom, Marianne McWilliams at 425-252-2687. While we have some possibilities for some things - we will know more on Monday - we will need just about everything for the apartment. It has a nice pantry which will also need filling. Also, please call if you can help with moving (do you have a truck? strong arms? and are available next Saturday?), or if you can help organize, or play with kids! Contact us at my mom's and we'll get back.

[For an update on how God has provided - see Part 2

Friday we had a gathering at our house, & we also spent the day packing up our apartment a little. Saturday afternoon was our 10th Anniversary of patchwork. We had around 40 ladies there, those from a long time ago as well, & the gospel was so clear, and the ladies seemed open & the fellowship was so sweet! Then, Ron's van was broken into; his bag taken (full of lots of earthly value)-- & I think our responses spoke hugely to those there. It was awesome to be a part of helping to cancel cards, contact the Embassy, & figuring out how to get them where was all arranged. Pray for the one who took it; pray they find the bag, receipts & pray for the one who took it, for his salvation!

And now we have just basically one day here in Kaposvar to do the finishing touches before up to in-laws for birthday celebrations and our trip home! Pray as the Spirit is really moving in many lives here, and the battles is not just with flesh & blood. How we respond gives light to the spirit!

So, we look forward to seeing you, meeting you, and we would love to meet! Pray for us this week, as everything is changing; and the Lord needs to be our foundation and our rock.

Overview of how to pray! Praise God for: Answers to prayers! - Safe travel, great conferences, HOUSING!! , kids regaining health as they had colds.

Things to pray for!

Thanks so much for praying and taking the time to read & pray! God is SO faithful and SO good!

God Bless,
Sarah, Bruno, Robert & Benjamin Balogh

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