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. . . . October 15th, 2007 . . . .

Dear Friends, October 15, 2007

It has been way overdue for a prayer letter, although I have attempted and failed several times. I started one on the 3rd of August; didn't finish manage to finish it; and went into labor that day... then our computer died... a couple times, and we still haven't gotten word updated. Needless to say, it's about time!

Family Update: Benjamin David Balogh was born on August 3rd, 2007 at 7:55p.m. central European time. He came out 19" long, and 6 1/2 lbs. He is now over 10 lbs, and over 24". He has blue eyes and is very beautiful. He is just starting to smile , and seems very attentive.

Robert will turn 3 next week. After he will head to "preschool" and get immersed into Hungary and have 23 classmates. He seems to be such a big boy, strong willed and full of energy. Our communication is getting better, and seems to understand both languages well. One wonderful thing is; he loves to pray! Before meals, before bedtime, and during the day. He'll just grab my hand and say "Plray." Then he wants us each to pray. He seems to be really sensitive to the Lord. When he first asked to pray; we were so surprised... and I felt that something must be going right in our parenting and God's grace is very much present.

Bruno is still working at the tile store here in Kaposvar and on the side installs shower cabinets. For a while it seemed like he was gone 2-3 nights a week and in real high demand for jobs. But, he enjoys it and seems to do well.

Then there is "mom." I am learning lots of what it means to be a mom. On call 24/7. A real need to be patient, and that my duties at home seem to be ongoing. I think a real part of my generation has a real hard time of grabbing hold of the cooking, cleaning, and taking care of kids part... and that as soon as it is finished, you can start all over again. The other day as I was walking with Robi (usually a chore)... and he wasn't listening and obeying, I realized how frustrated I was with him... I also began to understand that God must feel this way with us a lot. When he wants us to listen to him, and obey him, and follow him... and we just keep on running in our own direction and don't even seem to notice that we are being spoken to. I know many times I don't stop to seek what God wants for me to do... and I need to take note of Him more.

Ministry Updates: What else has been happening? Within the past month I have taken on a couple of new opportunities. I am doing a English play group for 4-6 year olds on Thursday evenings. Why I chose to do this next to Robi and Benjamin I have no idea; but the Lord has already opened up doors for me to share with a new friend about the Lord; about how he cares for us. Her name is Elizabeth (Erszibet), and is a trained teacher, although her focus is German; together we do the English club. So, a great opportunity has opened up through this. I am also teaching English to two high school kids. I've only had one meeting with them so far; but I really enjoyed talking to them, and trying to help them and challenge them with English. I also hope to practice English with a one of the high school gals that go to our Saturday study.

I am still attending and involved with patchwork as well. I do hope to be involved on a regular basis; although sewing on my own time (even at the meetings next to the kids) seems out of the world to me. I did manage to get a couple projects going when my mom was here. I still really value those relationships and friendships and we are a real close group. In June we had a quilting camp/retreat where I shared about the importance of following Christ even when it was challenging, and having a great faith when we are hurting. During that camp I handed over the leadership to Ildi. She has come to a long ways in the last year; and she has done a great job leading the group. Her faith also seems to be growing. Pray as there are meetings every other Friday; and one on the 10th of November. Pray that God can be the center of the group and that we can minister to all areas of these ladies and that they will come to a living relationship with the Lord.

Saturday nights are still a part of the schedule, along with meeting a lot of people throughout the week. I have really been struggling the past few months; but God is faithful and I am encouraged and my hope is still in Him. One good change is that our family has decided to start attending on a regular basis the Baptist church. Before we were attending and I was translating for Calvary chapel here in Kaposvar. Then, all the Americans left (in May); and there was no one to translate for, and including us about 10 people in attendance on a good day. Although we tried to continue attending; we had a real unrest, and just a lack of hope and vision with attending there. Although relationships remain, we finally agree as a family we need this change and the fellowship of a living body of believers.

So, in a real nutshell; that is the news here. In 2008 I hope to host a puppet team for a few days, and have the patchwork ministry; and English ministry. I also want to work towards being a translator. Also in 2008 we are planning a trip to the states for a longer period. We originally talked about one year; but it could end up being 6 months. We would appreciate your prayers for wisdom as to what to do with house, car; all or belongings, and for when to go and how long to stay. Pray for work for us, and for a real wisdom and courage to make this change. We are shooting for late April early May.

One last bit. I want to update you on our financial needs. Due to lack of financial support our account has slipped to an almost $4000.000 deficit. I receive as a "Salary" $500.00 a month, but have been receiving only $200-300 support a month. Would you consider supporting us through these next few months? I am continuing in faith that God will provide for our needs; but this is also a big reason we are heading to the states. I don't want to be a burden or depend on supporters... but trust the Lord. Finances are tight everywhere, and our world seems to be in economic crisis, but would you please step out in faith and join us in this work. Even $25-50 a month would be a great encouragement and help for us. Write on a separate piece of paper that it is for the ministry of Sarah & Bruno Balogh (not on the check please); and your donation will be tax deductible.

God Bless you and Keep you. We would love to hear from you and hear how your family is doing. We'd also love to see you when we head to the states.

Coveting your prayers and partnership,

Sarah, Bruno, Robert & Benjamin.

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