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March 16th, 2002

Dear Friends,

I am back in Kaposvar, Hungary. It has been a whirlwind of activities and events since returning on February 27th. God has been continuing to teach, and to challenge me, and force me to walk by faith. It is so good to be back, but after two months in the states, it was an adjustment, but after a week I felt like I hadn’t been gone long.

Visa information so far, I am coming home May 2nd, 2002 to send and apply for a year long visa to Hungary. This process will take anywhere from 30-60 days, and so I scheduled a return for July 4th, 2002. This means more challenges for adjusting as well as another round trip plane ticket to pay for … but God is faithful and I am sure that my returning to Hungary was part of God's plan, as will be my trip back home in May/June.

But, I want to share with you about now. Weekly activities start with Iharosbereny on Sunday, and a bible study on Monday. A real joy for me that just began is that I have a one on one, going through "Becoming a woman of Excellence" with Eszter. Eszter is a young woman, who has been growing in the Lord for the past year and a half. She has a desire to serve the Lord, and to do His will in her life. So, this is a couple hours a week. Another activity that I am participating in is a trip to Pecs for a bible study on Tuesdays. I am not leading this, but encouraging those who are leading and also the students there. Wednesday and Thursday’s are open a little, but I am trying to contact and meet with some of the old campers and also keep up on house work that I have neglected for the beginning of the week. On Friday evening we have a planned activity such as coffee house, game night, or movie nights. This is a time for fellowship and encouragement. Saturdays end up different each week. Today we went to Keszthely; I had prepared to share with younger kids about "romantic love" but no one came. So, we had a time of visiting with Evi, a camper and friend who works in the Children’s Library. Last Saturday I went with the Baptist Youth group to a village an hour away for a youth conference. Next Saturday will be a patchwork meeting, and either a trip to Budapest or a hike in Kaposvar.

I would really appreciate prayer for the next couple weeks. Wednesday, the 20th-2st is a trip to Serbia. This is an important trip, because I found out today that I will have to choose between going to Serbia for an English day camp, or Lengyeltoti English camp. This really saddened my heart, as I was told that the Serbia camp would be the July 24-Aug. 4, but it is really July 16th-3st (team dates). The Lengeyltoti camp is July 9th-18th. I am needing to discern where God is wanting me to go. So, I really am coveting your prayers over this matter.

[Update: Our trip to Serbia went very well - with good contact with four Serbian families - even improvising a lasagna for one farm family with five children. God answered prayers. And Camp dates have been rearranged, so I can do both camps now!!]

God has been personally teaching me a lot. Right now it is a difficult time because there is continuous change, and an unknown future. I am waiting to see what doors the Lord opens, and where he wants me to go, or to stay. I have seen more ministry in the last few weeks, but there is still a need to finish well the next month and a half, and then the summer ministry.

I am in need of a visa because of the change of Laws here in Hungary. I was waiting for an invitation letter that was picked up here the 20th of February. Right now it is a "visitor" visa; but one of the other I.M. missionaries Jennifer Lee was denied a residency because she went under a "visitor." Bruno and I went to the Immigration office and they said that I should be fine with the "visitor" visa, and that this invitation letter would work. BUT, what is hard is no one seems to know what really needs to be done… and so it is in God’s hands. Pray for this. Barb Goreman from Atlanta is also waiting to receive her visa in the states. So, this also brings some waiting times for our group. Jay Marble is waiting out time in Poland before staff conference so he can finish his term here in May.

Quilting retreat is April 11-13th. It is an exciting time because my mom and a group of ladies from Western Washington are coming over.

This is another opportunity for you to join in prayer. A lot needs to be planned on the in-between times. But, I am excited about God working in the hearts of the ladies.

Just to give you an update of where I stand financially. I am still serving in faith; trusting the Lord to provide. I am still under $2700 as of February. Another plane ticket home and back will add to this. I am anticipating getting a part time job when I am home this next time to work to pay off some of the deficit. I am finding out that ministry takes money. And, that part of ministry that you can participate in is through prayer and financial giving. I am in great need of both. I would love to invite you to participate in the Lord's work through giving.

Another concern for prayer is the mission's car - it needs about $300-500 in repair/ maintenance (which is an important matter in Hungary) and we do not have the money to pay for that. Having the car is quite useful for our work here.

[Update: April 4th - The car repairs are now done, and some lower priced parts were obtained to keep the cost down to about $160 or 55,000 Forints.] What is happening with Bruno? We are still waiting and seeking the Lord in this manner. Bruno is (Lord willing) going to try to apply for another visa in April- with the desire to travel in May. This also takes financial provision- and a miracle- and faith. Please keep this in your prayers. I hope to keep you updated, and let you know what God is doing. It is a time of needing to let go, serving, and walk in faith.

In Christ Jesus,
Sarah A. McWilliams
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