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January 21, 2002

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The gifts and plans that God has for us we can't always see or know. Right now, I am at home. I had a great Christmas and a time to rest-and I was able to go to Minnesota and Iowa for ten days, meet with old team members and friends, and be fed through Christian books and encouraging conversations.

I am amazed in looking back, and a bit anxious when I look ahead. Originally I thought this length of time (Dec.10th till Feb. 26th) would be beneficial, now I see I might just need it for getting a visa to go back. God has allowed me to live in Hungary with just a passport visa and exiting the country every 90 days. Well, laws are changing, and one change allows only 90 days in a six-month time period without a visa, and so now I am in need of a different kind of visa. This needs a lot of your prayers, other I.M workers are still in the States because they haven't yet attained the proper visas either. The Hungarian embassy is getting tighter on whom they accept and for what reasons they issue them. So International Messengers Hungary is working on getting us invitation letters; and applications set up for us so the ministry doesn't have to pull out. I am going to call, and then work on my application during this time that I am home. I am so thankful that I am still home to deal with this. (A further complication is that processing my applications once they are completes may take 30-60 days and I am supposed to fly back to Hungary in just over two weeks. I may go back then as a Tourist, do the April camps and then have to return to the United States at the end of April for a couple of months. Please pray about this.)

I am looking forward to the camps this summer. Bruno and I are hoping to plan an English Camp and participate in other camps in our area. Right now the dates are planned for August 2-14th for team dates. My desire is to bring a team from the Northwest area churches. I would appreciate your prayers for wisdom in finding a location, in outreach and advertisement, and in organization of the camp and team. Right now this task seems impossible! But I have faith that God can make all things possible when we are seeking Him. Other plans just to keep you posted are for quilting retreat, large group activities and programs, and continued relationship building and discipleship, and the never-ending language learning.

I was so encouraged at looking at those who gave last year. I am in awe of how God has shown His faithfulness to me through you. So, to those who gave last year- THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING TO THE LORD! I pray that God will bless you and provide for all your needs this upcoming year.

My trip to the Midwest allowed me to serve a day in the I.M. headquarters (helping with prayer letters, what a job)! I was able to find out where I am financially. Within the past three months I have had three major expenses: airplane tickets home- $700; and to Minnesota- $228; and then the Language School in Debrecen- $550. So, considering these expenses; and still being behind about $300 each month, in addition to the deficit I already had, it has left me $2613.62 under in my account. This is a lot of money for me, but I know that it is not too much for God's kingdom or His people. I'd like to return all caught up!

Here is another prayer request- I don't have any medical insurance; and I am convinced that it is important. This will be an additional cost each month of $100. This is where I am in need of resting and trusting in the Lord and putting the need before His people.

On a personal note- I am learning that it is an awesome gift to be able to give; and I know that I am accountable to God first with my finances; and to you second. I am convicted that I must learn to become a good steward of what He gives, and have a willing heart to give. I am starting to obey in giving; and I pray that if God is calling you to join in this ministry; and support God's people, that you would also be willing to accept the call to join in His ministry through me.

Some of you may be wondering about Bruno- my co-worker and friend. Well, in-spite of who I am, with all my struggles and sin, God has given me a wonderful young man to refine me and then love me… and for me to learn to love (deeper) back. I have learned so much about Christ's love for me through Bruno. Please pray for us as we learn more about each other, and walk towards Christ together. Pray for purity; discipline; focus on ministry; and for a right relationship with Christ. I know that your prayers are being listened to and answered, and am so grateful for them!

Prayer Requests

P.S. A snowstorm in the Puget Sound kept me from leaving for Montana until January 30th, and the driving was a bit treacherous over the Cascades and in the Mountains of Montana - but I made it safely there, met most of the new IM students at Mountainside who were also arriving at Libby, and made it back to Everett on the Train on February 4th. How to Contact me? (425)-252-2687; 1609 Lombard Ave. Everett, WA. 98201; maskme65@hotmail.com (externet is not in service right now)…

In His Service,
Sarah McWilliams

E-mail me at: [maskme65@hotmail.com]

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