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January 2, 2002

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Washington State! I arrived on the 10th of December, to Vancouver B.C airport instead of Seattle due to missed connections in London. My luggage took a few extra days. But God was gracious to me in the process.

I am "home" until February 26th. During my stay I would love to meet with people and catch up on what has been happening in the lives of friends (you), and share more personally what God has been doing in Hungary, and where he could be leading in the future for the ministry in Kaposvar. Although I am not sure exactly of what he has planned, I am anticipating some great things.

This is a short note, just to keep you updated. I have been on a break for the holidays, spending time with family and friends, and quilting. Yes, the patchwork bug has caught me again! I have found much joy in sewing this past month, and I am very much looking forward to planning the women's quilting retreat in February. Let me get you the info that I have right now.

Dates: April 7th, leave the U.S. and head to Budapest, arriving the 8th. We would do some sightseeing, and then head down to Kaposvar for the Quilting retreat that would be Thursday-Saturday… and afterwards I have hopes of traveling to Eastern Hungary and doing a mini retreat on Raggedy Ann Dolls. Then we would travel up to Poland for the Staff Conference, and return on April 23rd to the U.S. The approximate cost is $600-1000, plus airfare. Right now I am really excited because there are 6 ladies interested in coming over for the retreat. I would appreciate prayer, as I plan and try to prepare these ladies for their trip.

Now it is the New Year, and I am getting geared up to do a little traveling. I am heading to Minnesota on January 8th-18th to see Ron and Verna Sutton, and other I.M Staff and team members from previous camp teams, and then also see the office in Iowa. My plans so far are really flexible, and besides working with Verna on the quilting retreat, and catching them up to what is going on, I am pretty open. So, if you are in the Minnesota Area, and would like to meet up with me, PLEASE contact me, I would love to meet with you!

Well, other tasks that I hope to accomplish are dealing with our music library, and getting together songbooks, and hopefully learning chords on the Piano. I know that our area has a need for a music leader, but I am not sure if I am called, so I am praying about it, and hope to work in the music field. But, I am lacking in the area of discipline, and motivation right now, so please be in prayer.

Well, I feel that God has been teaching me, and showing me much when I am home. I am so thankful to Him and to you for your prayers, because I feel re-energized and I still feel the call to continue to serve in Hungary.

How to Contact me? (425)-252-2687; 1609 Lombard Ave. Everett, WA. 98201; maskme65@hotmail.com (externet is not in service right now)…

Hope that you are having a blessed New Year, and that God is leading you and speaking to you. God Bless! (another letter on "how I am doing" is coming shortly)

In Jesus,
Sarah McWilliams

E-mail me at: [maskme65@hotmail.com]

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