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November 21, 2001

Lessons in My Life

Have you ever been in a waiting room? Have ever been in a waiting room and in a lot of pain, and just knowing that it will be so long; and then thinking that this is pointless to wait, you are never going to get to see the physician, and that you would be better off going home? What could he do anyway?

Well, this is where I was Monday after the language school. Sick again. Same problems and I have had several times since July, ears hurt, throat sore, joints aching (mainly knees, neck, and back), and a fever. This time I went to the doctor, but after the 3 hours of waiting (perseverance), partly because a friend who wouldn't let me leave when I wanted to quit, I found out the problem was my tonsils; and not my ears. When I heard the diagnosis, when I was given medicine that I knew would help. I was so thankful. After that, God provided more care, and I was in bed for 3 days, but am over the worst. (But the doctor here said they may need to be removed at some point in time, if problems continue).

Right now, I feel like I am in a waiting room of life. I feel that there are many struggles, many times I am wanting to quit, wanting to just give up and run home; but always God is telling me to wait and to persevere. I am thankful for friends, I am thankful for God's faithfulness, and for His provision. But, right now, I am sitting here, still not sure as to what will be the outcome. Several times in this past month, I have questioned, or challenged ministry here; and my call to serve here. At one point I thought I would be coming home in December, but didn't have peace with that… I was blinded to see my ministry purpose here. All I kept hearing was "wait." I see so many possibilities here; one of them is to have a youth center closer in town. This could be in an apartment, and with that location we would have the problems solved of "where will this meeting be? where will the coffee house be?" It would also provide a steady place for students and youth to come to study, to get help with English, to spend time away, and to have someone to talk to. But, to do this, it would take at least a year commitment, and a good steady cash flow. So, this is in the prayer stage, and in the "waiting room" as a possibility. To me it seems like a perfect solution; but, I need to wait for God to start opening the doors.

I was greatly encouraged by a statement in a book written by Paul Tripp. On page 190 in "War on Words" (a book written about communication struggles, which I have many…) he wrote about Patience. "Patience is being will to wait even when that means enduring difficulty. And patience means not only waiting, but waiting calmly. Impatience is revealed by the anger that grows with each minute. Patience waits without giving in to impulsive words or actions."


who has participated in the 70-hour intensive Hungarian Language Autumn Course
in the year 2001 and has passed the final examination
at 2nd intermediate level with a satisfactory result.
Debrecen, 2001. October 24-November 4th

This was what was written in our certificate we received at the final banquet. In reading it, it almost brought tears to my eyes. The week was very difficult for me. My class was taught in the only common language; Hungarian only. In my group, one man was from Slovenia, one from Japan, and one from France. All four classes each day were dealing with grammar, and using the language. I believe that I learned so much, not just about the language, but about pride, and about learning to work with others. I learned about what it feels like to go to a language "camp" and to sit through language classes. But, after these 10 days, immersed in Hungarian, and after the realization that I have been here for one and a half years… I see that God has given me this gift. I can communicate with people, in Hungarian and that is a gift.


So, right now, some things are on hold… the girls bible study I had planned, never got off the ground really, I hope to work more with that after I return. Right now it looks like worship at the church is on hold, and maybe this week going to Iharosbereny is not going to happen due to me being sick. Speaking of Iharosbereny, Charlie has been working out there on weekends for about a month now; and he is still in need of $80-100 of support each month. My church provided the first months, but there has been no further commitment that I am aware of. Charlie has written a letter, and if you would like to receive it; please let me know.


The fall retreat happened right before the language school. We had maximum there 18 at one time. It was a small but great group. The way that God provided for the location was also really encouraging, and it was a good weekend of fellowship and teaching from the book of Philippians. We met in the attic/upstairs of a Catholic Kindergarten. It provided breakfast very reasonably priced, and a little kitchen so we could provide tea, coffee and food. All of our team was encouraged by this retreat, and consider it a success.


In three weeks, I am getting on a plane, and flying to Washington state. I am ready to be with family, and friends, and to try to get a clearer picture of where God is leading. During my time at home, I hope to accomplish several things. I desire to go to the Mid-West to Minnesota, Iowa, and Michigan. I desire to visit with members who went on teams previously, and to visit with churches and build up the prayer support and financial support for this ministry. I also hope to visit Ron and Verna. But, this hasn't been planned yet, and still needs God's provision for it to take place. I looked into a train ticket and it is around $283 to get to North Dakota and then go into Minnesota from there. Please pray for me as I seek His guidance in where to go and how to spend my 2.5 months at home. Also, I hope to be contacting some of you individually and meeting with you


I am also still planning on recruiting a team for the April quilting conference. I am excited because three woman (my mom, and two friends of hers) seem to be ready to come. This is a praise. I have also gotten the quilting and cooking bug again as I have started more projects, and have been spending a good part of last week sewing and cooking. If you are interested in coming along on this journey, please contact me within the next few weeks so that I can set up a planning meeting and information meeting soon after the new year. Gaby, who is the head of the ministry here will need to know the planned projects by the beginning of February to get them translated.


Another new and exciting &ministry opportunity" has been with English. I have began teaching a few people, and working with helping another prepare for his oral exam this Friday. I have enjoyed being of use, and allowing English as a tool. I also need to be working on learning the grammar names so that I can be more effective at teaching.


By the time that you get this letter, these activities will have taken place. An IM thanksgiving dinner-party, in which our team is preparing. (Turkey, and stuffing and the works). Christmas caroling, another coffee house, and a praise and worship time, and possible a Bible Study. Also, coming up will be a Christmas party on the 8th, and getting ready to be gone. Last minute times of cooking for people, visiting with people, and trying to make the most of these three weeks left. And also a team meeting in Budapest.


Thanks for Praying and being a part of this team. May God bless you as we approach this season of thanksgiving and celebrations.

In Jesus,
Sarah McWilliams

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