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September 28, 2001

Dear Friends,

Things to praise God about! A really awesome house with a very encouraging roommate and co-worker; an abundance of opportunities to meet people and serve, and the provision of a good team here.

The last month has been fairly busy with I.M activities. A camp reunion, a couple Bible studies, a Single Girls' retreat and the Staff Conference in Slovakia. Each week I met with Bruno, Jay and Kata to set up various ministry meetings or activites through December. Also during this time I found time to rest. I have been sick off and on since the middle of August. So, since I never really recovered to 100%, each time I am busy for a full day or two, my ears and throat would hurt again. So, I took one and a half days and did nothing but read and sleep. Since then, I have been feeling better and not so overwhelmed or tired all the time. So, I feel like I can be in the fast lane again of life, but won't be afraid to take a rest stop if needed.

Other news, a new "ministry" opportunity has come up! Bruno and I have been going over every Tuesday to encourage a family from the Baptist church; the Tisza's. She is one of the leaders of the quilting ministry and has been doing some work with sewing and patchwork; so we have some common interests. She has three kids, her two girls I am also doing English lessons with; playing with her kids, and helping with her projects, but most importantly spending most of the day talking with them. This is beneficial for my language (since almost everything talked about is in Hungarian) and it is an encouragement to this family; who has had a really difficult year last year. So this is a praise!

FRIDAY NITES! Coffee Houses!!! Tonight is our first since the break in May. God has provided a coffee and espresso machine, a cool banner with matching IM aprons for our team, and some fresh ideas for this next year. These coffee houses are every other Friday night. We will have coffee and snacks, music, sharing, fellowship, and we are hoping to turn this into an outreach. Some ideas that we talked about were to advertise in the local paper; to find a bigger location; and to allow other small music groups tocome and play in the evenings. I am excited to be involved in making this vision come true. Right now we are meeting in a college dorm; we hope to transform this location into a comfortable atmosphere for relationship building. (After the fact, 7 people showed up, a little disappointing; BUT everyone had a good time and we were ready and learned some things. We opened it up to the dorm, but most people went home, but one guy came and talked with Bruno for about an hour over coffee. He now has our number and hopefully we can meet again sometime.) Our next coffee house is October 12th! Please pray for a good way to advertise, and a larger turnout.

The other Friday nights, we are having a Praise and Worship time. This is aimed for believers to come and have fellowship; sing praises to our God, have a short devotional or testimony, and to spend time praying for eachother and for Kaposvar. Our team here has this desire to build up the believers and to make disciples. But, with this ministry; I have a prayer request since we don't have a super musically talented team. My piano playing skills are limited, and my singing and leading skills need sharpening. . We are hoping to bring in some music leaders from local churches to help us; and to help equip me more to lead our music; but for right now things are challenging. So, please pray that God will fill this need and provide for us and for me

IHAROSBERENY Sundays are still being spent traveling to Iharosbereny. There is also a big need for music leadership there. This is one possible area that I can participate; but I am not ready yet. Also, I have a more urgent request. One young man, Charley (an orphan) who is a third year student at Word of Life in Toalmas, is wanting to do his practice in Iharosbereny. He has had a good ministry, and knows all the kids, and the parents out in the village… and has a respectful ministry, but is in need of support. The travel cost to and from school will be about $100 a month. If by next Wednesday, he has the support, the ministry will continue out in Iharosbereny. The Baptist church here in Kaposvar is able to help some, but he was still in need of about $80 a month support. [In response to my e-mailled prayer letter - Praise the Lord - some additional support has been raised to keep the work there going. But we could use more. If you want to help, please e-mail me right away.]

Still Other News! I am planning on coming home. I should arrive on December 10, 2001 and I will be home until February 26th, 2002. Your first thoughts may be, What? Weren't you just home (it will have been six months)? Why so long? What will I do? These have been some of my thoughts too, but I believe that this time at home can be very beneficial. At first I hoped to stay so that I could participate in a good friend's wedding on the 23rd of Feb. Then I saw that I could raise and build up support; possibly travel to Iowa (IM headquarters) and Minnesota and other places in the Midwest. I can still work on some computer projects, and work on recruiting a team from Washington and the N.W for the quilting retreat in April and for a summer camp (we have two one in July and one in August). So, after much prayer; I believe that God does have plans for me during that period of time in the States. Also, I am planning on staying in Hungary through the summer and not coming home for a long time. So, please pray that God would provide for a ministry to people back home, and for the ministry here while I am gone.

So, I have two months before I am home again. I hope to make the most of this; with a Fall Retreat in October, a 10 day intensive Language school October 24th-November 4th in Debrecen. (For it, I am in need of $747 additional "one time" support), a Bible study on Saturdays, village ministry and some personal one-on-ones, and Friday night ministry; Language study is a need, learning about music leadership and practicing the piano is also a need. I am working on getting support up so that I am at 100%. [Sadly, at last report from IM, I am $1200 behind, apparently the events of September have had some effect. Times are tougher, but His work still goes on. Please don't cut back on your giving to the Lord's work whether that of your own church, or that being done overseas!] Please pray as I prioritize what needs to be done now and what can wait.

Prayer Requests

God Bless!
Your Missionary in Hungary --------- Sarah McWilliams

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