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August 7th, 2001
Hot News in Hungary!!! (Really it is HOT, it has been in the 90’s the past two weeks)

As I sit in my pretty much empty house I am amazed at all the blessings that God has given me this last year. The reason why my house is almost empty is because I am moving. Yep, it is true. God has blessed me with a new roommate and co-worker Kata, and a new house that is filled with many blessings. Everything is bigger; and I will have my own room and my own bathroom; and also a living room and a bigger kitchen. So, before I go any further; here is my new address: As I reflect on the past year and look ahead; I am thinking about all that God has done and given me. For the friendships; the time with Him, the ministry, and the financial provision I praise Him. Yet, I have also been struggling since I have been back. I would appreciate prayer that my time with Christ would be strong and that I would listen more and share Him more with others.

Let me first give you a brief overview of this past month. We did Village ministry in Iharosbereny for three days. Puppets; teachings; and lots of hugs…(that's me above with some of the children)... also some difficult long days. But, God blessed our time and we had some fun activities. Then there were the two Camps - first we met the teams from the USA in Budapest and getting them to camp. Lengyeltoti English Language Camp was by beautiful Lake Balaton. It was a great camp; several who had been to camps before professed a faith in Jesus Christ and have chosen Him as Lord and Savior. However, during those days I was sick; tired; and yet in each activity, God provided me with strength and encouragement and He was there. It was a good camp; but different for me, I was much more relaxed. The nine days were full long days that seemed like less than a week for me. The translators indicated that "the kids are so open and honest and wanting to talk this year." Discipleship Camp was in Zselickisfalued in an old reformed church camp right next to a beautiful historic Hungarian village called Zsenna. For five days we were working through the book of Ephesians with thirty Hungarians; and working through the basics of faith. This was also a good camp; lots of material; and God moved almost everyone on the line towards Himself. It seemed that this camp was a refuge for many from the problems of home. It was a family feeling. Truly an amazing time.

Another praise! My deficit has been decreasing! As of July 1st, I was only $1200 under! God has been providing and I am excited to see where this month stands in the next couple of days. (I haven’t received the statement yet)… Thank you for your continued involvement in this ministry. It is such a blessing to be involved in the work of the Lord and seeing Him provide.

On the 13th I will be meeting with Kata, Jay, and Bruno; along with Ron and Verna to get together our team. This is an important day and also the going away party in the evening for Ron and Verna who are returning to the States after five years of ministry in Hungary. We are so thankful for Ron and Verna and their ministry, which they are entrusting to us. So, be in prayer for our new team as we become more acquainted with each other and bring us closer together.
On August 20th, I am taking a three day "retreat" to Zagreb, Croatia. There is a missionary couple there in who have volunteered to give me a 10 hour seminar on "Biblical Support Raising" and some idea’s and a way to think about it. I am also looking forward to seeing the coast, and spending some time in prayer and reflection over what ministry will be formed this next year. So, after a busy month; there is still lot's happening, and I would appreciate your prayers for strength, and a servants heart.

Okay; I am introducing two campers for you to pray for. One of them is Zoli. He is 22 years old and has dreams to be an English teacher some day. He has been in a deep depression and came to camp like a zombie.. very slow to speak and quiet and he looked like he was dead. By the end of the first day, he was signed up for the discipleship camp. His mom is desperate for help and Bruno had a good talk with his mom saying that only Christ could bring true healing. He then shared the gospel with her and what we believe. By the end of the first camp he was talking more; he had said he made a commitment to Christ. He looked brighter and contributed ideas, and even though he was still slow (due to the medication he was on), he seemed more alive. After the second camp; the pictures are much different of Zoli, he laughed some, had good talks and seemed to be through the worst part of the depression. He lives in Kaposvar. Pray for him and for us as we continue to reach out and disciple him.

Second person is Ibolya Nani. She is an older woman who doesn’t know English; and has been a Roman Catholic for many years. She also came to discipleship camp; and her desire is to become involved in helping teach us how to cook; and being a motherly type. She has one daughter who has been working in other countries to earn money; and she has been lonely, but has enjoyed the meetings that IM has held; the friendship with Verna, and enjoys the music we sing. Her desire is to know the Bible more (since she doesn’t know much) and to know Him more. She has been "religious" and has a good heart. Pray that during the busy schedule of things that I would make sure to make time for her. She wants to teach me to cook Hungarian; to help me with language and to also learn some English, and for me to give her some "American" recipes.

Okay, one last thing I feel I should mention. A relationship is starting with one of my co-workers, Bruno. I would really appreciate prayer for a right relationship that is honest, and above reproach. I would appreciate prayer that I could find the perfect balance between ministry and this relationship and that both of us would seek Christ to be first in our lives; and to encourage each other. He has become a dear friend and we would both appreciate prayer for wisdom and direction. This is one area that has added some challenges these past couple months; but challenges are also gifts from God, and allow for growth. (On a side note; he is praying about coming to Washington in December to see where I grew up, to understand me more, and to meet my family - please pray that if it is God’s will, He would provide both the Visa and the airfare for both of us.)

Thanks for joining us in prayer. I am trusting God will answer them for His praise and glory. And thanks for taking time to read this and being involved in my ministry here. May God bless you and Keep you!

In Christ,
Sarah A. McWilliams

P.S. I almost forgot. Language school is on October 24th-November 4th in Debrecen. It is ten days of intensive language lessons with 8 hours of learning and meeting in groups and one on one. The cost of this camp is at least 500 Euros (about 500 dollars) and that doesn’t including room and board; which would be another several hundred; depending on what I did. Please pray because this sounds like an awesome opportunity to improve and even test my Hungarian. But, the cost is a lot for me. If you feel led to donate to this cause specify "Language School" on your donation. Koszonom. (Thanks in Hungarian).

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