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Dear Friends, June 19,2001

News from the "Front Line." Life seems hard, but God is still Good.

As I made the 14 hour journey from Seatac International Airport to Budapest; one man asked this question; "Why Hungary? Why not serving in the U.S.?" This has been a little struggle for me as I have returned. My time at home was wonderful. I had great fellowship with many people; but felt that my heart and my passion was in Hungary. I shared at five churches and two other small groups about what God has been doing in Hungary; and those were very blessed times for me. I made trips to Portland, Oregon, and Libby, Montana, as well as around the Puget Sound region. I made several new friends and caught up with some old friends. I was able to rest and spend good time with my family and gear up once again for a summer of camps and then trying to focus on ministries next fall. I am finding myself wandering and not sure where my passion lies, or with what ministries.

Since I have been back, I have been around consistent groups of people or individuals hosting them. On the Thursday I returned to Kaposvar; two students came from Word of Life institute in Hungary; (as their break or vacation before a summer full of camps); and so that week was joyfully spent trying to cook up some good food and enjoy some good fellowship. Also, much time has been spent with a friend from Holland who has been a student here in Kaposvar; and then also some beginning meetings with Kata and Bruno about ministry next year. Thankfully Jay arrives today, will come down to Kaposvar as I head tomorrow to Budapest for meeting with old friends and showing them around for a couple of days.

Village ministry has continued, the past two Sundayís I have attempted and somewhat played the piano for them. This is one way that I can work into the village plans. Times are a little discouraging out there as one of the younger guys (Tibi -- heís around 13) has stopped coming to the activities and has been told by a Catholic priest that we are a cult. There is much deception and at this moment the fruit is still hard to be seen amongst the gypsies. But, the work is still being continued out there; and on the 10-12th of July we are having a three dayís kids club! There will be six Americans and several Hungarians; three will do the teaching; I hope to figure out plays, and help with games and a couple other activities. Please be in prayer about this, this week. We are talking about Sin; Godís love; and then the Wordless Book. This is a special time because in the summer we wonít be able to go there very often; and these kids are at the heart of ministry.

Language: Hhhmmm. I didnít seem to lose a lot of language while I am home; I was encouraged at my lesson; almost all was said in Hungarian and very little in English. But, with only three lessons this summer (because of my camp schedule, and her vacation) I am not sure how "studious" I will be. Please pray for my own personal discipline in this area. Even this at times has been a little discouraging as I still donít understand everything, and it is tiring listening for a full day to things you canít understand.

So, whatís next?
Update on my Support Needs
I mentioned in my last e-mail letter; (and a few through the mail) that I still have significant financial needs. This is something that I have continued to trust God with; and was encouraged this last month because for the first time in several months; my debt decreased a little. But I have been running short each month about $200-300, so currently; I am about $1800.00 behind! I wish that I could go and get a normal job; and pay it off and just work and live like normal people -- but my visa doesn't allow that; but even this is a time of leaning on Christ and trusting in Him to provide. He knows my needs (just like He knows ALL of yours) -- and I believe that right now that this is the role that God has me in; and I also believe that He wants to use me; and to do this; He may go through you.

Do you have a heart for missions, but no time or energy to go yourself? One thing I would like to encourage you to do, if God has blessed you in the past through "our ministry" in Hungary; and you thought, "I should send in support" is to take that step of faith and send it in and see what blessings will result. If thirty people would commit to give IM regularly $10 or $20 a month designated for my support; the deficit that I have been under monthly will be covered. I met people saying "I want to give; but more than $10, but right now I just donít have that money," then nothing is given or received and the work of Christ can be hindered. On the other hand, if you feel called to give just a one time support gift; these also needed, as I have a support deficit to catch up on as well. I just pray that God would continue to work in your life and meet all your needs -- and on a side note, it is so amazing and such a blessing to be used by God and to be taken care of by our awesome God.

6-21-2001- I write with a somewhat heavy heart, but also thankful for Godís Word. Today for one of the few times since I have been back I have been able to open the Word, and read through the Psalms. I spent time in Psalm 119:33-120. Several things stand out; the love of the Word and the Commandments; The Hope that we have through the Word of God; and that David asked to be revived in Godís righteousness and loving kindness. This is my prayer. As my heart breaks over my sin, I am greatly encouraged that I can still through the power of the Holy Spirit pick up His Word, which is perfect and everlasting, and find hope and be restored in Christ. I have become weary on my own lately; and I am in need of Him and His love (and Word) to transform my life so that I can be a testimony. So that I donít have to be ashamed of God and His word. He is the reason that I am here in Hungary. I am thankful that He has not abandoned me even though I have not been so careful to follow His commandments.

Thank you again for your prayers and taking the time to read through this letter. I ask that you continue to pray for the ministry and the work here in Hungary; for it is a battle ground. I give God all the Glory and Honor and Praise. Amen.

Sincerely in Christ,
Sarah Ann McWilliams

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