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May 5th, 2001

Dear Friends,

Well, I am back in Everett Washington. After twelve hours in the air; and several hours waiting in a layover in Amsterdam, I arrived in Seattle to family at the airport. It is a very exciting time right now as I am looking over the triumphs, the struggles and the growth that took place; and as I look ahead at all that God is going to do in the next year after I return to Hungary on June 6th.

I am so excited to be home to share with everyone what God is doing; but I am also praising God because he has opened doors and opportunities for me to continue to serve. After 10 months of ministering in several area's - learning the language, Bible study in Pecs, girl's ministry, quilting outreach, gypsy village children's ministry, large group meetings, and coffee house, cooking for friends, encouragement and service, Methodist church & youth group - I have felt that it was a great start to a wonderful ministry. But I have also struggled with defining and narrowing my focus.

But, I feel that God is leading me into three area's: Language study (I see myself in Hungary long term); Iharosbereny - a gypsy village about an hour West of Kaposvar; (a place to give love and serve and use the language); and then pouring myself into at least five girls' lives to disciple; teach; encourage. One of the biggest ways to share the gospel is through relationships; and these are ways that I can pour myself into them, so they can pour themselves into others. In addition, if this wasn't enough already, I will be working in a team of four (two Hungarians and another American) to do camp follow-up; and working with the youth of Kaposvar (about 200 are now involved in about eight different church groups). I am also excited because there has been a more recent development to work towards a church plant within the next 3-5 years. The work will be much but I am praising God for those He is raising up to carry on the work.

Now to the business part of things. I am so thankful for you. Your prayers and financial support has been a very important and wonderful part of the work going on in Hungary. I have maintained about $450 coming in as monthly support donated; although $750 has been required. IM has graciously provided that amount despite the shortfall. This has left me in the negative about $1700-1900. I have been encouraged and have continued trusting God to provide because I know that this is small compared to the world that He has to manage. BUT, at the same time I don't want to continue serving in this manner.

Next year I am estimating that I can continue with the monthly $485 salary: which covers $120 rent & utilities, $50-80 phones (cell phone and regular), $100 groceries, $40 travel cost (to Budapest and back, and to the different villages), the remaining going to misc. costs of postage; encouragement; some entertainment; clothes; house needs; and other unexpected costs. Then I have ministry money of $150. In the past, this has covered language lessons ($60 a month), travel to meetings ($10-20 a month), travel to Pecs for Bible study, postage and supplies for large group mailings; internet fees (about $8-14); and various supplies for large group meetings. These are tax deductible and reimbursed after I send the receipts and explanations of what it was given for to IM. There is also a 13% overhead cost that goes to International Messengers to cover their office costs and what it costs to run the organization.

I have been able to work under this amount, but with Ron and Verna heading to the U.S. for a year at the end of the summer; the group will be taking on more financial responsibilities. Plus I desire to go to a language school in either Budapest or Debrecen for 2 weeks of intensive study; and also need to start budgeting money in for travel to and from the states. I want you to know that first and foremost that I am responsible to God for the money that I spend and how I spend it; and secondly I am accountable to you. I do not feel that I have spent foolishly the money that God has provided, but I know that I still have much to learn in the area of budgeting and spending, but I am trying to honor God with this area of my life also. Please prayerfully consider joining in this ministry on a regular basis; it doesn't take much to contribute; and the blessings given through this, I hope and pray will be returned to you. By the end of the July I hope to have all the $750 accounted for, and to be working without debt. Please pray with me for this. All it would take is 30 people to give regularly $10 a month to cover the cost - and if this next month, 60 people could give a one time gift of $30.00, I would be in the clear. I am looking forward to seeing how God can and work through your giving and your prayers.

In Christ's Service,
Sarah A. McWilliams

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