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March 2001

Dear Friends,

This month I feel led to write more of what God has been doing in my own life and how it is affecting my relationships with others. First I must thank you: and I thank and praise God for your involvement. I am filled with Praise for who God is and how he works through us to accomplish His purposes.

Last month, my parents came to visit and my mom led an evening with patchwork ladies on how to make Raggedy Ann dolls. It was very successful and I want to thank you for your prayers. God is doing a good work in and through my parents and I am filled with praise about that. (There were over 40 ladies there!!) My parents really enjoyed a taste of everyday life in Hungary, and getting personally acquainted with my co-workers, friends and my work here. My dad left early for a week's ministry in Kajjansi, Uganda.

God has been teaching me many things these past months, but mainly within the last week. Two questions were asked in a Bible study that I am working through with two girls, and they gripped me. "Who will you live your life for?" and "What has first place in your thoughts and plans?" I confess that my time over here has not always been the best because God didn't have first place in my thoughts and plans. I have come to realize that the most important thing in life is a relationship with Jesus Christ. The story of Martha and Mary comes to mind in Luke 11:38-41. It is so easy to get busy, and even to be busy for Jesus, that we leave Him out of our day, plans and life. After two busy weeks with my parents, I was convicted to spend more time in the word and in prayer, praising Him. This past week, God has filled me with a greater love for Him, and as I have been sitting at the feet of Jesus, I have seen Him work in incredible ways. He has brought so many people to encourage, admonish and point me to Jesus. I am no longer so busy doing stuff for God, but rather doing it out of the enjoyment of Him.

Last Saturday, at the Methodist Youth Group here in Kaposvar; we were talking about prayer from John 17. Jesus took the time to go up and spend it with His Father. His prayers were unselfish and full of His Father's will and plan. If you love someone, you spend much time talking with them; being with them; praising them and encouraging them; and then doing things to make them feel that they are different and special to you. But, what happens if the other person who you love doesn't show the same affection back? There is nothing that you can do or say to make them want to spend time with you against their will. The relationship must go two ways between the two people for it to be a completed love relationship. You must make time to spend with that person. This is exactly like our relationship with God. He loves us so much and wants to show us His affections and love; but how much time do you make for Him? The time that you set aside for Him stems from how much you love Him. If you say that you love Jesus; but refuse to spend time with Him; is that real love?

1 John 3:18-19 "My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth. And by this we know that we are of the truth, and shall assure our hearts before Him."

I came to the conclusion that I don't know the basic facts of what it is to truly love. My love in the past has been partially selfish and it has not been tested or challenged. But, today I was encouraged once again and shown from God's word that His love is being perfected in me!!! Praise God. I am in Him; I feel His love pouring out on me through His word and our times together - To know "love" you must know the Father. I challenge you to read 1 John - the entire book is filled with truth and the light and love of God. Listen to God and then open yourself up to trust Him with everything you have and move forward in His love and light.

God is working here in Hungary and very powerfully. Here are some things you can pray about:

Still learning and far from completion - Sarah A. McWilliams

P. S. I would love to come and share with you or your church about what God has been doing here in Hungary. Please contact me soon so I can make plans. And if you would like to work on an upcoming camp team, we are in need of a pastor for the Discipleship Camp, and we still need team members too. Contact Iowa right away if you are feeling called to serve in Hungary this summer!

E-mail me at: (mcwkapos@mail.externet.hu) or [maskme65@hotmail.com]

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