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Happy Valentines Day!
February 2001

Here it is; another month has passed and so much has been going on that I will try to give you a fair summarization so you also can praise God in more specific ways.

God was so good and faithful! I was encouraged through the work going on there. The goals I had of working on the River of Life Care Home (painting); meeting up with some previous young women I met at camp; and seeing the work in village ministry (distributing gifts) all took place. I am thankful for the things that happened and the time of encouragement for me and other staff there in Timisoara was important and blessed; but more importantly that God showed me my place for now is Hungary. I missed the people; the language; and it was reinforced that the work taking place here in Kaposvar is important.

After seven months of serving here in Kaposvar Hungary, I can see a couple things. First thing; God is working, and secondly, that He works through relationships! Our relationship to Jesus flows through into our relationships with people. Almost everything that I do here is working on building relationships through the tools of Patchwork (2 large group meetings a month plus one on one time with Gaby- co leader of Patchwork); Bible Study (Once a week on Mondays); Large Group meetings (one weekend a month - Friday and Saturday); Youth Group (Weekly on Saturday); Language (Three times a week; about 6 hours); and Village Ministry (Sunday and then also helping in prep of guys coming and going), and discipleship and friendship meetings (daily). Relationships with the church, friends, and co-workers also stems from an overflow of the love of Jesus. So much has been happening that it would take at least two pages to cover the little details; but, I decided to spare you of that and just give you an rough overview with a few highlights!

Panka is a freshmen at the law University. She accepted Christ in 1997 also; but due to restrictions at home had to wait until she was 18 to attend church or pursue her faith. We met at the Discipleship camp this summer and she attends the Bible Study in Pecs. Her parents place very high demands on her and her studies and when she is home or at school; she often feels very alone. The demands on the student's schooling is so much harder here in Hungary. She is attending one of the hardest Universities in Hungary. The time that we have together is very precious and allows for teaching; encouragement; listening and loving. She also attends the Methodist Youth Group and church. She has a deep love of music and also a deep love for Jesus; but is struggling to find the balance between school and the spiritual needs. Pray that she can also find time to attend the Bible Study (answered; we are meeting on Monday’s). But, outside this time in Pecs; I have spent a couple of evenings at her home; have a good relationship with her Mom (who is not a believer; but got down on her knee’s and prayed for Panka during her very difficult exam times which she barely passed) - but this relationship is meeting some needs; along with helping her English; and my Hungarian.

Bible Study in Pecs? Meeting on Monday’s now. Yesterday I went to Pecs planning on meeting with two young woman at the McDonalds. But, no one showed up! After 25 minutes; I decided to take the train back to Kaposvar. I knew that Panka would be on that train, and so my trip would not be useless. And, not only did I find Panka; but Evi; another young woman in the study last year, was there on that train too!!! It was an awesome time to catch up and figure out schedules.

So, after my weekly meeting in the mornings with Ron and Verna; I will get on a bus and head to Pecs. Some links on the beautiful city of Pecs have been added to my Hungary Links Page Pray that this ministry will remain as a priority as I also participate in many other events;
such as when my parents come in less than three weeks,
Staff conference (which IM Hungary is hosting) that relationships can be strengthened,
and then, the Patchwork Quilting Retreat in April.

Then, the first of May I will board a plane and head back to Washington State until the 5th of June. Yes; I did say that I am going home and then returning! It almost marks the end of my one year internship. My trip home will include working part time (Lord willing) (to help defray some of the cost of being over here in Hungary), visiting at churches and trying to build up my prayer and financial support and share the things that God has been doing here in Hungary. Also, I plan to go to the Training Center in Montana to do an evaluation of the past year and talk with Bob and other staff about future ministry. I am praying about going to Clear Lake, Iowa and doing a week of travel around the mid-west. Why? I believe that it is important to see the office and the way things are run in Iowa. A lot of my communication has been with Bob in Montana; but when I come on as "overseas-staff" I will be communicating much more with Iowa and Darwin Anderson. Also, I would like to be able to see some team members from this last summer and do some follow-up with what has been happening there and meet with their supporting churches. I am wanting to start to set up dates and plans in the near future; so please pray about a time when we can meet and share with the church body.

It seems like part of the job of a missionary is to always be evaluating what you are doing; how you are spending your time; and are you able to learn from the little mistakes and continue walking towards Christ, His righteousness and obedience to the daily tasks. Why do I feel called to the ministry here in Hungary? I’ll be honest; I love the people who God has placed in my life. I have a strong desire to teach them; to encourage them and to also share the gospel and the personal relationship with so many more people. Next year; I have the opportunity to continue to build on these relationships and develop even more. I can contribute fresh ideas to the patchwork ministry; and help to bring continuity to the ministry as Ron and Verna head back to Minnesota. There will be (Lord willing) at least three staff here in Kaposvar to work on follow-up and discipleship and the large group meetings that we have held. I am excited to work with both Hungarian and new American staff and just to serve and be available for each task that God gives me.

My personal time with the Lord has been amazing. He is stretching me; and bringing me to the end of myself with more realizations of my selfishness and my need of a Savior. He is calling me through His word to stand and walk in the Light. I am so encouraged and filled through the reading of the Word of God and the filling of the Holy Spirit. Take the time today to read Phil. 3 & 4; these chapters have been a huge blessing as I seek to go deeper in my relationship to Christ.

Prayer Requests & Praises!!!

Thanks so much for partnering in the ministry here in Kaposvar. I am so thankful to God for you! May your faith be challenged and may Christ be glorified in you and through you.

Serving in His Love,
Sarah A. McWilliams

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