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Happy New Year Everyone! January 9th, 2001

I have now been in Hungary for over six months. I am excited to see what God will do in me and through me (and you) throughout the next year as I continue to serve here in Kaposvar. I want to thank you personally so much for your prayers. I have felt them and know that your involvement in this ministry made my Christmas very special and has sustained me until now. THANKS! My holidays (thanks to the prayers of many) were wonderful. On the three days of Christmas, the 24-26th, I visited about eight different families and was blessed by the friendships formed and the relationships encouraged. The weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas were filled with meeting different people; parties and gatherings; and lots of baking and tree decorating, especially since I was allergic to my tree! It got decorated three times. In Hungary they hang lots of brightly wrapped candy on their Christmas trees.

In my last letter I mentioned that I was getting more involved with the Methodist church and youth group. Well, I had the privilege to attend their youth retreat in Pecs on the 27th and 28th of December; and to share my testimony and lead a small group in English. The theme of the weekend was based on Joshua 24:1-20 while I was there; and I was truly encouraged blessed and challenged by this passage. I saw God's faithfulness to His people and how much He did and gave to Israel and reflected on how much He gives to us; and on the choice of whom we are going to serve. I believe that this weekend with 20 youth from all over Hungary was blessed and a great opportunity to meet more people- these ones outside of IM camps.

On the evening of the 28th I traveled to Budapest to pick up a friend at the airport before diving into the Szilveszter New Years Party in Albertirsa, a smaller town an hour outside of Budapest. This weekend provided lots of opportunities to lead games; sharing a devotional on Joshua 24, and meeting more new people. I had previously met and known only about ten out of the forty who attended. It was a hard weekend for me, and challenged me personally to depend and lean only on God since Todd; a missionary in Budapest, who was supposed to lead the worship and music and a share a message was unable to come due to kidney stones. But everyone seemed to have a great time. The leadership among the younger staff of IM was really encouraging, they managed to work well together and fill in the gaps that were missing. It was amazing to see how God was so faithful.

In the last hour of 2000, we went around a circle of eight people and shared about our last year. God had placed me where I had known a lot of them and the stories behind their difficulties. My heart broke a little as God filled me with compassion for them and a greater need to pray for and listen. I believe that hour broke me more as I felt the weight of pain; sin; and the suffering of others breaking my own heart. God gave me about forty people to hug me and encourage me. He was so faithful and I fell more in love with Jesus that night.

On the 1st, I headed home to have nothing exciting going on, other than problems with the heat and power in my little house. It seems like the world stopped for a day on the 2nd as I reflected on the past year of my life and ministry and looked to what was ahead. It was a hard time for me emotionally; but God showed Himself to be my rock and my provider. One moment I cried out for help in an e-mail; the next second my door bell rang and a friend was there. I can recall several times when this happened in many different places. He knows our every need!

These past 8-9 days have been a down time for me in activities (although I have still met with people and traveled to Iharosbereny… which still needs prayer for direction) …but what is ahead? ROMANIA! Tomorrow I get on the train (again) to Budapest to meet my best friend Chrissy (who went home for the birth of her sister; and is serving in Timisoara, Romania) and on Friday we will travel down together! I am so excited to see and re-connect with friends and families I met in March. I will be there for about 10 days, and will return on the 22nd. Ron and Verna are in the U.S. right now till the 30th of January and so I am looking forward to their return. Thanks again for your prayers. I would greatly appreciate continued prayer as I head down to Romania for a "working vacation" and to serve there.

(Sarah wrote home on January 18th: Things here in Romania are good. Chrissy and Marianna have moved into the apartment; I worked on the carehome one day with painting; a good day. Then I also helped with setting aside packages for the children in Stanciova and Cornest. I will have some time with Adriana and resting before heading back to Hungary on Monday.]

Oh, Language! Nagyon Jo Volt! (It was very good). I have been speaking much more and learning a lot. It is amazing to see how much I understand and can communicate with families and friends. I am meeting with my language teacher now once more a week for an hour (now three days) to just practice speaking and conversation. Please pray that I can continue learning while I am in Romania!

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Praising Him Now,
Sarah Ann McWilliams

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