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October 15, 2000

Here's the News From Kaposvar, Hungary; yes, another wonderful prayer letter where God, I pray, will be glorified and you get to hear how He has been working in my life for the past month or two.

Since the last letter in August, (and even the September letter for e-mails) Ron and Verna have returned and ministry seems to be going full speed ahead. I praise God because the relationship seems to be good. I feel that God has really worked through them in guiding me and encouraging me. The work that I have been involved in includes two trips to the village Iharosbereny, a coffee house (great turn out and time of catch-up) and a hike with campers, a trip to Slovakia for a staff conference that was really encouraging; a few of trips to Budapest for meetings, retreats, and gatherings between friends, three trips to Pecs (pronounced Paitch) for Bible study meetings, weekly language lessons, and also weekly meetings with Ron and Verna. God has been so good in allowing for ministry but not too much so that I am overwhelmed.

The two anticipated Bible studies have resulted in one small, but valuable, Bible study in Pecs. On Wednesdayís I travel two hours by train one way to meet up with four different girls; Tekla and Livi between 1:30-4; and the Panka and Evi (at least for right now) from 4-6 for a Bible study "Growing in Christ." My time down there is precious for encouraging, teaching and being available for prayer support and to be used by God. Tekla is not a believer, and I donít think Livi is either. Both of the girls are freshman at the University in Pecs and the friendship I pray would allow for God to work in their hearts and lives. I love this time and can see God working down in Pecs, and I am hoping to build more relationships with Campus Crusade, and churches down there so that IM could also be involved in Pecs and have a small college ministry, and recruit campers for next year.

Whatís ahead? Lots! This weekend [October 20-23rd) we are having a fall retreat for any IM camper that wants to come. The theme is "Masks" and we are planning to have four teaching times with three nationals teaching and me. The leadership among the nationals is strong and I am praising God that I can be involved too. Then, we are having thanksgiving in November; along with another coffee house, and then Christmas activities and a New Years retreat. It is so exciting all the things that are taking place. Also, I am anticipating getting together with the quilt group here in Kaposvar when time allows.

"Catch the Vision" Within the last two weeks, the "IM Hotline" which is a quarterly newsletter with updates from each staff going out to Alumni was sent to 184 households from Kaposvar. It took 9 hours to address, fold and stuff the letters (along with typing up an insert for this retreat). In addition we handed out about 15-20 Hotlines. This is just from our list in the last four years! Imagine how many young people in Hungary have heard the gospel in 11 years and from three areas in Hungary! WOW! God has the power to do so much, and is faithful to those who are serving. Pray for these individuals and for the IM staff in Hungary, because there are still many more that need to hear the truth and experience the Love and Life of Christ. IM is going strong right now, and with five camps next summer; how many more will hear? Several of the campers love camp so much that they come back over and over again, while others it was their first time to camp.

In the village of Iharosbereny (work project this summer and childrenís ministry now), IM is working together with Word of Life Ministries and the Baptist church here in Kaposvar to replant the small church. Bruno and Atilla are 3rd year students at Word of Life and are taking the call. The challenge ahead of them is huge for they will be working and living in the village 3-5 days a week with Gypsies and older Hungarians and many, MANY children. There are many spiritual and physical needs there and Satan has a grip on many lives. We have been working with the children and that has been a different experience but God is working. My request is that you pray for this church replant and for Bruno (who is on IM staff) and Atilla as they move into this village. Praise God for this opportunity though too! It is good.

Answers to prayer:

Updates, financially I think I have only $300 a month of regular support. God has been providing through one time gifts, and God has been faithful, but I just wanted to put the word out on where I am standing. Please pray that God would continue to provide the needed $750 and that I would continue looking to Him and trusting for his provision.

Prayer Requests:

I thank you so much for your involvement in Godís work here in Hungary. It is so incredible and I hope that you realize that you are so valuable to me and to this work. It is not always easy, but God has been faithful and I know that your prayers have been heard and answered.

Growing in His Grace,

Sarah McWilliams

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