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Dear Prayer Partners and Friends, September 13, 2000

This is will the first e-mail only prayer letter. I plan on mailing one out every other month, but sending one monthly to my e-mail friends. So, you guys have the privilege of hearing what I have been doing for the past month since being out of camps.

I wish I had a bunch of exciting news, but life in Kaposvar seems to be somewhat like a normal person's life of getting up, deciding what to do that day, and then making sure that all that God brought your way and that you had anticipated doing got done.

My house is wonderful, I have gotten settled in and it has been able to be a place of fun, food, cold water and juice and where people are welcome. I have held a couple dinner parties here and have been able to minister to some friends over pancakes and spaghetti.

Language has been a challenge for me to discipline myself on. But, I just purchased a book so I can learn faster, actually have exercises to do and there are also tests. I am excited about this. Before it was just getting sheets with different words and beginning sentence structure. I do like the language even though I don't know a lot about it yet, it is a challenge that I look forward to getting. Please pray that I will be disciplined in this area. I have been able to manage so far on the little that I know and in English, and so I am scared that I will just stay at this place, or not be as dedicated as I ought to be. The hour a day hasn't happened, but I am moving forward and have hope.

I have seen God's hand work in many situations during that past month. I have really been challenged to encourage myself in the Lord, and to stay in His word. I have learned so much and feel that I am constantly having to reach up and cling to Jesus. I have really been blessed and I praise God for the month and Ron and Verna have been gone. I know that it was in His plan. I am dependent on Him, and not on Verna or any one person. (I do admit that sometimes it helps to have a Hungarian around, at least for them to speak. I find I understand a lot more than I can communicate to them.)

In answers to prayer requests, I am comfortable going into the stores, and am more used to the forints. I have kept in close contact with a few campers, and although school has started, I feel that they are at a good place. I feel that I have kept better contact with people now than ever. The camp re-union was a great time of fellowship and learning. If I remember correctly we had 10 on Thursday, and about 20 on Saturday.

Things I am looking forward too; holnap (tomorrow in Hungarian) I am hopping onto a train and going to Budapest for a Single Girls retreat. I praise God for this, I get to see Chrissy and many dear friends. Afterwards, Chrissy (my best friend who is serving in Romania) and Mariana (a friend and co-worker in Romania, she was a translator in March for my English class) are coming down to stay in Kaposvar until the conference the next Thursday. Please pray for this time together, and wisdom in knowing how to plan out my schedule. I wish that life could stop, but there are a few things that will need to be done during those few days, (travel to Pecs about Bible study, Language lessons, and probably a meeting with Ron and Verna) and then also a meeting with a couple here in the Baptist church who I hope to encourage. So, the time of being together is going to be interesting, but I am so looking forward to it! Praise God for this gift.

Then, next Thursday (jovo csutortuk) I will be going to Slovakia for the staff conference with IM. This will be good because it is exclusive this time to just staff. The last conference there were many extra's and so it was a small challenge to get to know people. This will be a time for meetings and encouragement, singing and teaching. I also anticipate hearing all that God is doing in many lives around Eastern Europe. Then, the next weekend is our large group meeting and a coffee house. So, there is much to do, and it seems there is little time. Pray that I will trust God with that time and not get overwhelmed.

Well, I should be going. The days are kept busy and I am alive and well, despite a little bug I am fighting off.

I want to let you know that I am encouraged daily by your support, and by God's grace and mercy that he has given through you. His provisions are mighty. Continue walking in His love and be encouraged in His word.

Love In Christ's Grip,


Below is a song that has kept me going on many nights, and is true to how I feel a lot of the time.

Recreate Me - Maureen Pranghofer

Recreator, Illuminator, shine on me,
Give me eyes that focus only, Lord on Thee.
Blind me to the world view,
Keep me looking straight ahead.
On the One who reigns forever,
Who brings life to what was dead.

Recreator, Illuminator, shine on me.
Give me hands raised up in worship, Lord to Thee.
Holding fast to what lasts
Keep me clinging, Lord, to You
The Alpha and Omega,
You're the only Hope that's true.

Recreator, Illuminator, shine on me.
Make my heart burn with desire, Lord, for Thee.
Come and dwell inside me
Spirit, pierce me to the core
You're the only source of Life,
Jesus Christ, saving Lord.

I hope that these words will be your prayer too. It is so amazing to see how God changes people when they pray and ask God to dwell within them.

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