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August 11th, 2000

Jo Napot Kivonok,

God has been very gracious and has brought many blessings into my life since I have last written. In my last letter I mentioned that I would be at a discipleship camp in Fonyod till the 5th of August. I also spent three days in a gypsy village working on their church building, and helping with a children’s program. It was an awesome time and a different way for me to serve. I really enjoyed the hard physical labor in the morning, playing with the children in the afternoon, and then singing songs and working with them during the crafts. This Sunday I plan on returning to the village to help with the singing in their Sunday School program. It will be exciting to see the progress on the building since we left (since 3 day’s was not enough time to finish).

Another huge blessing was the camp. This camp challenged and taught many of the Hungarians (and the team members) about picking up your cross and following Jesus. We had a speaker from Black Duck Minnesota come and speak in the morning and at night. Afterwards we would have group meetings that would go about an hour. The days were full of different activities and Bible Studies and many great relationships were built. Several of the campers placed their faith in Christ and took up the cross by the last night. During the mornings we worked through parts of the One on One Discipleship material. It was a good challenge with the basic’s that can be overlooked -- Assurance of Salvation, Attributes of God, The Bible, Prayer, Fellowship, Temptation, and Obedience. It was hard to teach, and I felt that our group really struggled through most of it -- and that the campers wouldn’t have learned much. But, according to some of the evaluations, the small groups were helpful and it taught them more about Jesus and how to live as a Christian.

This camp was one of the greatest for me this summer. But, it was also the most difficult. I am not sure when the last time I was so exhausted, both physically and mentally that I have ever just wanted to run away or crawl up in a corner and just let go of everything. I found out, that when I did let go, and I gave up everything to God, that I have been carried and just given strength continually. It seems that when I was completely out of energy, God brought His ministry to me, and encouraged me so that I could encourage others. It was awesome.

Since camp season has ended, I have started looking at the rest of my year here through a different, long-term perspective. I moved into my little house on Saturday night, and the next morning had opportunity to minister to several of the campers as they are going through a change with a pastor leaving (taking best friends) and lives changing with school. God has me in a place of understanding and encouragement (I am in the same place, nothing is the same and the future is unknown). But I have hope, and God’s promises. It was incredible.

I also was able to get everything that was needed to make my house a home. I had a lot of things that needed to be done, but God was faithful. On Tuesday (the 8th) was my 22nd Birthday. A group of 10 girls from the camp came to get together and celebrate and we had a sweet time of fellowship together and learning. The house fit all of us and it was wonderful to have that time with them. It was a time of testing out to see how many people could fit into my house comfortably. I plan on having a Bible Study this fall (2 actually, one in Pecs where the University is) and one in my house. Please pray about this time coming up. For wisdom in knowing what to Study (proper planning time) and that the ones that God wants there he will bring.

Another answer to prayer is about language study. This morning I had my first lesson here in Kaposvar (about a 10 minute walk). I will be meeting for 90 minutes twice a week starting in September. I am excited about the first meeting and look forward to learning more about the language. Please pray about being diligent in my studies. I desire to spend at LEAST an hour a day on learning new vocabulary and working through the grammar. I have decided against the language school for now because it is far away and very expensive. Ron suggested studying here in Kaposvar instead, so we called up their old tutor/teacher and she had an opening this morning. Each lesson is 1,200 forints, which is about $5.00 or less. This is very exciting news.

Answers to Prayer: All on the previous letter; The team was very unified, I was given strength and endurance and a servants heart -- and I managed with all the bug bites! Praise God for His faithfulness. Plus support did come in!

Prayer Requests:

So, What’s Next? All Camp Reunion on the 24th - 26th of August. Bible Studies starting soon after, and then the next event is Staff conference on the 21-23 of September in Czech Republic. Plus the normal adjustments of going to the store, learning the area and culture. It has been going great so far -- but I still need your prayers and support -- without you, I wouldn’t be here!

Love in Christ,

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