Resources on Zwingli - Bullinger and The Reformation in Zurich

Published Resources:

  • Huldrych Zwingli : His Life and Work by Ulrich Gabler, Ruth C.L. Gritsch (Translator) (May 1999) T&t Clark Ltd; ISBN: 0567086291 [HBK ISBN: 0567094499]
  • Zwingli and Bullinger by G.W. Bromiley (Editor) (November 1979) Westminster John Knox Pr; ISBN: 066424159X
  • Prophet, Pastor, Protestant : The Work of Huldrych Zwingli After Five Hundred Years (Pittsburgh Theological Monographs, New Series, 11) by E. J. Furcha, H. Wayne Pipkin (Editor) (September 1984) Pickwick Pubns; ISBN: 0915138646
  • The Defense of the Reformed Faith (Pittsburgh Theological Monographs, New Series, 12) by Ulrich Zwingli, E. J. Furcha (Translator) Vol 001 (December1984) Pickwick Pubns; ISBN: 0915138581
  • Huldrych Zwingli Writings : In Search of True Religion : Reformation, Pastoral and Eucharistic Writings (Pittsburgh Theological Monographs, 12-13) by H. Wayne Pipkin (Translator) Vol 002 (December 1984) Pickwick Pubns; ISBN: 091513859X
  • Always Among Us : Images of the Poor in Zwingli's Zurich by Lee Palmer Wandel (September 1990) Cambridge Univ Pr; ISBN: 0521390966
  • Huldrych Zwingli : The Reformer of German Switzerland by Samuel M. Jackson (June 1988) AMS Press; ISBN: 0404035434
  • Zwingli; An Introduction to His Thought by W. P. Stephens (March 1994) Oxford University Press; ISBN: 0198263635
  • The Theology of Huldrych Zwingli by W.P. Stephens (February 1988) Oxford University Press; ISBN: 0198266979

    Sources also consulted include:

  • The Story of Civilization: The Reformation (Vol. 6) by Will Durant (Simon and Schuster 1953, 1957) Chapter XVIII: Zwingli: The Reformation in Switzerland;
  • The Cambridge History of Modern Europe: The Reformation, Chapter 4:The Swiss Reformers and the Sects;
  • The Creeds of Christendom : The History of the Creeds (Vol 1) by Philip Schaff (Baker, 1877) Chapter 7, Sections. 51 - 52, pp. 360-385;
  • The Reformation of the Sixteenth Century, Roland Bainton (Beacon Press, 1952) Chapter 4: The Reformed Church in German Switzerland;
  • A History of the Christian Church, Williston Walker (Charles Scribner's Sons, 4th edition (May 1985) pp. 320-325; and
  • Military History October 1991 "Ancient Tactics Tested: Battle of Marignano" by Eric Niderrost
    [As many published resources are out-of-print, I recommend doing a search on "zwingli"
    at ABEBooks for available used copies.]

    Online Resources

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