Eldrbarry's future Ship Model: Mare Nostrum

Will be built using Artesania Latina's' Kit for the Fishing Vessel Mare Nostrum

Artesania Latina Mare Nostrum Spanish Trawler wooden ship model accurately recreates the real life Mediterranean trawler that was built at Arenys de Mar, near Barcelona, Spain. Her name simply means “Our Sea” and she’s been the pride of the Mediterranean since the birth of the Diesel engine. This wooden boat kit is sturdy and simple, perfect for a first time modeling project and building her may even bring you closer to the flavor of the sea.

A Bay of Biscay bonito fishing boat. The waterline of any boat must be defined be the seas on which it will sail. Boats that sailed the Bay of Biscay and/or the Atlantic have a different shape from those that sail in gentler seas, such as the Mediterranean. Their superstructure is also very particular, given that while fishing the catch must also be classified by sizes and introduced into the different departments that, depending on needs are adapted on the deck.
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